Young tuffers have built amazing robots

Young tuffers have built amazing robots

"Hebocon" the new trend in the world of games is a competition between scrap metal robots. Held for the first time in japan in 2014, the competition focuses on creative creativity, with technical quality taking a back seat. The first winners of this competition – held by the bamberg district youth association – were johann nagel, nicolas ando-dotterweich and timo leo greiffenhagen (hirschaid). They call themselves "the sharkers. The audience award went to maja lohneis.

District administrator johann kalb was fascinated by the creativity of the participants. According to the district administration, he also praised the craftsmanship of the players. As a small reward there were cinema vouchers for the winners. The "sharkers revealed the secret of their robot: they built the mechanical drive of a vacuum cleaner cable feeder into their scrap robot. And this proved to be insurmountable for any electric drive, for example from an electric toothbrush.

A "hebocon according to japanese tradition, it’s a sumo fight for low-tech robots and a wrestling match for technical dilettantes. The word is derived from the japanese "heboi" ab: this term describes something that is technically poor or of low quality. The robots also look like this. Because they are built from what you can find at home: discarded toys, old cake-making equipment – or even vacuum cleaners! Red

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