Yahoo boss marissa mayer is a mother

Yahoo boss marissa mayer is a mother

Mayer is one of the most colorful figures in silicon valley. The 37-year-old worked at google for a long time before yahoo and was responsible for the search engine there, among other things. Her husband is a lawyer and investor. The couple’s 2009 wedding was a major social event that was covered extensively by glossy magazines like "vogue.

Mayer had only taken her chief job in july. She has the mammoth task ahead of her of getting the flagging yahoo advertising business back on track – and that against strong competitors like google or facebook. She has gathered a new leadership team around her and wants to build on the old successes of yahoo, one of the pioneers of the internet.

Pregnancy was no obstacle in negotiations for top job, mayer said in july interview. "I’m only going to take a few weeks’ maternity leave, and I’m going to work the whole time," she told the U.S. Magazine "forbes. "I love to stay in the swing of things."This announcement, however, had also brought her criticism.

The computer scientist started working at google 13 years ago right after graduating and became the female face of the search engine operator. She helped shape a startup into today’s internet giant. Most recently she was responsible for google’s map services. At her new employer yahoo, she is the third company leader within a year.

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