Weibenbrunn school will soon be barrier-free

Weibenbrunn school will soon be barrier-free

In the town council meeting on tuesday in the town hall, the committee made another important decision on the barrier-free expansion of the elementary school. The committee awarded the construction of a multifunctional lift/staircase system (level teachers’ room with 1. Upper floor of the school building) to the most economically advantageous offer from the company berndt mobilitatsprodukte, bautzen, at a price of 26873.87 euros.

Peter kropf from the kropf kronach engineering office explained the details. This is a new system of a multifunctional lift/staircase installation. Originally, a wheelchair access elevator was planned, which caused additional construction costs of 16,100 euros. Peter kropf explained that this lift is more economical because it requires much less structural change.

The council also approved the continuation of the budget consolidation concept for the municipality of weibenbrunn in 2019. However, in order to maintain stabilization aids, high mabstabe are applied. Among other things, it states that, in order to regain lasting efficiency and orderly budget management, it will regularly be necessary for the municipality to limit itself to unavoidable expenditures and only provide financial services that it is legally obligated to provide or that cannot be postponed for the continuation of necessary tasks.

In the context of the necessary budget consolidation, stabilization aid recipients are therefore required to make only unavoidable, necessary investments in the mandatory or profitable area and to prioritize them according to their urgency.

Mayor egon herrmann (SPD) and the council now know a thing or two about the discussions and debates that the strict conditions in the council have caused in recent years since 2006, and many a voluntary service has had to be dispensed with and the swimming pool has been spoiled. Nevertheless, there had been rough distributions of course, because the debt level could be reduced to the level of 1993 due to the high stabilization aids and despite investments in the double-digit million range. The debt at the end of 2018 amounts to 4.5 million euros (for comparison, the status at the end of 2017 is about 6.3 million euros).

In 2019, the municipality plans to borrow 1.8 million euros. The net borrowing (new debt) amounted to approximately 1.38 million. After the ordinary repayments in the budget years from 2013 to 2018 were 1,160,253 euros above the borrowings, a higher borrowing for 2019 appears justifiable and permissible, informed the head of the municipality after discussions in the ministry of finance and with the government of upper franconia.

The municipality has done its homework regarding the requirements and also set a sign in the youngest meeting by removing the voluntary services for the BRK (150 euros per year) from the budget. A return to sustainable performance is also difficult to foresee because an important trade tax payer has left the municipal area and urgent investments are pending. The members of the council agree on the following.

A long discussion was caused by a preliminary building application for the new building of a residential house in the eaves area of the mark of reuth. While mayor herrmann rejected the approval of the municipal consent due to serious concerns, the council decided to grant the municipal consent. The tenor of the council votes was that everything should be done to make it possible for young families to settle in the community. The applicant is asked to bear all the costs of the urban land-use planning and the development. In addition, the access road up to the entrance to the property must be provided with an asphalt surface course at the expense of the applicant.

Village renewal in hummendorf

The unanimous decision was made to apply for simple village renewal in hummendorf at the office for regional development of upper franconia. The mayor was instructed to forward the priority list to the ALE. The work should begin with the design of the church, kindergarten and old school squares, followed by the design of the village square and the former railroad station square. The access road to the church and kindergarten is dependent on the planned extension of county road 5, as is the connection of footpaths and cycle paths to the supra-local network. Furthermore, a village store is an option on the priority list.

Chairs are jerked in the town hall. Andrea hofner was appointed to represent the treasurer (ute leppert) with effect from 1 january 2010. March ordered. The administrative assistant silke fehn was appointed data protection officer.

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