The thundorf forest is not doing well either

The thundorf forest is not doing well either

Every year in the fall, the thundorf community council, together with the responsible forest ranger, matthias lunz, representatives of the forestry authority, and the community forestry manager, wolfgang fuchs, take a look at how the community forest is developing. Interested burgers also have the opportunity to get informed.

Right at the burial, senior forestry councillor hubert turich drew the conclusion: "the forest is not doing well". The call for "water become louder and louder for the forestry.

The first station was the forest department "morschreibig" in the stegholz.The initial stock is 90- to 200-year-old oaks, mostly from felled trees. They are not very vital and some oaks are dying off, he said. However, according to the foresters, the regeneration of oaks on the coarse flat is pleasing thanks to last year’s acorn fattening.

However, according to forester lunz, the flat needs more light and it is necessary to cut back the hazel bushes. Certainly, this is a high cost for the municipality, for which there is no income, but if the regeneration develops well, it will be possible to reforest in the next few years and there will be logs. Natural regeneration is thus also required. The pruning of the hazel must be done until the leaves are in bud. This should be taken over by a commissioned rough company or interested private persons.

Oak regeneration and ash culture were also discussed in krengel, in the durreberg of theinfeld. There, the oak regeneration in the fence is developing very well, so that the fence can soon be dismantled. Intensive maintenance is necessary here to reduce the aggressive hornbeam, explained matthias lunz. In this area, there was also a helicopter sponge moth attack on a relatively small area, according to the information.

On the subject of fencing, criticism came from the participants that private forest owners simply leave their fencing, some of which has fallen down or is dilapidated and rotten, without renewing it or. To be dismantled. This is to be punished more in the future.

Another topic was the storage of the damaged and. Kaferholz. Here, the forestry association is the wrong contact, says turich, but the municipality, which, according to mayor egon kloffel, also wants to think about where such a storage area would be possible. In this context, chief forester turich said that spruce has no chance on the frankische platte in the future; this tree species will disappear in the long run. Above all the concerns and influences that harm the forest, there are also positive things to report. Turich particularly emphasized that the forestry year was concluded without any accidents or damage.

During the tour, the community forest was also discussed. Local councillor edwin braun explained: "the forest is always a cost factor, so it should not be run economically, but used sensibly". Local councillor matthias geier believes that wood regeneration is progressing more slowly than indicated in the forest management plan due to the drought. This fact should be taken into account in the presentation of the annual operating plan.

Approved felling

Back in the building yard, lunz once again went into the forest images and the resulting m reductions and presented the figures for the 2020 annual operating plan in detail. The timber harvest amounts to 330 solid cubic meters (fm) for the rejuvenation use, 530 for the old thinning and 90 for the young thinning. The youth care extends to 16.2 ha, as many areas from the planning 2017/2018 and 2019 were pushed. Some supplementary plantings and improvements are planned, as well as the dismantling and rebuilding of fences.

For the coming forestry year are again ca. 600 solid meters of logging plus damaged wood planned. In the previous year, the total felling was 914 solid cubic meters, including 292 solid cubic meters of damaged wood. 200 solid meters under the forestry department’s prescriptions

Finally, the forest management plan was unanimously approved as presented. The price of wood remains stable. A solid meter of polterholz costs 54 euro, hardwood overburden 15 and softwood 10 euro.New from this year is the damage and forest management system. Kafer wood. Here the fm costs 5 euro.

The expansion of the timber line and the repair of the grune forest road in rothhausen were again discussed. In this context, it is criticized that this path is often used as a race track for all kinds of vehicles, which is illegal and punishable by law.

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