“The table of the lord verlangert”

Catholics also celebrated their feast of corpus christi in the pilgrimage town of marienweiher. Father andreas stated in his festive sermon: "today we are extending the table of the lord, out onto the streets of the town"." Even if the number of participants in this procession of faith, the public presentation of the body of christ, is dwindling, this does not diminish the solemnity of the event.

Led by the flags and club delegations, followed by the flower strewing girls, communion children in their women’s dresses, the dark clothes and altar boys, the blessed sacrament – carried by the priest under the baldachin, everything was like before. The residents around the altars had once again put a lot of effort into the design and the music club of marktleugast framed everything with their wonderful playing. In bright sunshine, the participants sang the "grober gott wir loben dich" on the way back to the basilica and entered the church with the ringing of bells.

Father andreas concluded by thanking all those who had contributed to the success of the procession and also thanked them for the common prayer for the community and its inhabitants.

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