The mood on the alm was high

The mood on the alm was high

Kronach the kronach mayoral elections in about a year’s time cast their shadows ahead. The successor to wolfgang beiergroblein, who is no longer a candidate, is determined to be the second mayor. "Representation, representation, always representation – if I’m not elected soon …", she raved on the weekend in the rosenbergalm. "Actually, i already am, at least the mayoress of hearts", so angela hofmann.

However, the panel discussion with the other applicants is still pending. And for those who are interested in this event, we would like to point out that it will not take place in the schutzenhaus, but in the new rewe-markt. There, angela hofmann (CSU) will be found at the salad counter, the other candidate marina schmitt (SPD) will explain her goals in the detergent department, and the male competitor michael zwingmann (freie wahler) will present his intentions as the new head of the city at the meat counter.

Nevertheless, the above statements should be somewhat steamed up, because they fell during the fourth edition of the kronacher derbleck’n. In the style of the munich nockherberg beer festival, the local political celebrities and city events were taken to task under the leadership of a local multi-talent in the field of humor. His name: martin panzer, age 46, sales manager by profession, once president of the kronich fousa night. He is the initiator of this performance, which was brought to life four years ago. He is still the idea giver, the author of the speeches and a contributor himself. And just like four years ago, besides panzer, tina-christin ruger, martin bittruf, philipp mahr, nicolas roth and nikolai hiesl were part of a sextet that made the almhutte shake. Standing ovations from the 320 or so visitors over two days not only at the end, but already after the respective performances.

With "my dear community living in hustle and bustle" brother barnabas was the first to enter the stage. The role as monch verkorpert since the first hour in almost inimitable manner the carnival president of the TVE gehulz, martin bittruf. Inimitable, among other things, because at every suitable opportunity he makes contact with the people sitting in front of the stage, you don’t even know if he pronounces a wrong word, whether it was accidental or intentional. Among other things, he said on the subject of "what the mayor puts in his head, he also puts through", that the peace chapel on the state horticultural show land was needed, ah, built.

Stefan’s blinker booth

He did not get along with the statement of the city councillor jonas geibler that the city’s savings course would continue, but more intelligently than in the past. "Yes, you have saved up the money earlier?"

The light festival "kronach leuchtet" can be happy, because there were two new light points in the time from 26. April to 5. May in addition. On the one hand, there is the new fire department center in mittelstrabe, also known as stefan’s blinker-bude, and the new woco parking lot in industriestrabe. The lighting concept installed here is so impressive that, if it were installed on the fortress, it would shine all the way to forchheim.

Under the sounds of the bavarian defilier march the maker of the spectacle, martin panzer, in his parade role as ex-minister president edmund stoiber buried the almhutte with the words: "my dear stammtisch brothers, dear intelligentsia and politicians, dear choral society." He took a hard line with his two successors seehofer – also inventor of the wifi cable – and soder. Within just six months, they had driven the CSU’s election result down to 37 percent. These are fewer percentage points than the 1. FC nurnberg conceded goals in the bundesliga. "I’m angry about this because I can’t turn over in my grave yet."

With hubert aiwanger, soder has a deputy who is the lower bavarian answer to the french fubballer lothar matthaus. Aiwanger is reported to have said "soder, if you don’t like me, find a dumber one." Then soder: "hubert, do not worry, there will not be a more stupid one."

In the third part of the evening, the musical play, which caused quite a bit of turbulence on the MS kronach, went over the stage. Philipp mahr had slipped into the role of captain iglo. He was told by kronach’s mayor (martin bittruf) that he had been ordered to attend a retraining course for his captain’s license. The reason: "i got a speeding ticket on the redach, driving illegally, with a stolen flob from the neuses flob club." Besides the retraining he was also registered with three points in the flobersunderkartei of wallenfels and in addition he had to pay twelve "gegrubet seist du maria" pray in the LGS peace chapel.

Lieutenant captain baumgartner

Finally, second mayor angela hofmannn (tina-christin ruger) also entered the motorboat, who took the helm of the m.S. With all her might and, in the further course of the journey, steered the boat towards the spitalbrucke in kronach. Bridge and ship were broken. Help was offered by captain lieutenant jurgen baumgartner (nikolai hiesl), who got out of a submarine. He promised to have the defective spitalbrucke widened to four lanes. But for this he wants to see a monument placed on marienplatz and that in the future everything will be at his command. With the song "always you are the determinant …" It has been heated up.

But lieutenant baumgartner is not to be deterred. When the question arose as to why he had not yet managed to ensure that there was no mcdonald’s in the future university town of kronach, with its soon to be million students, he promised: "i will provide a fast-food restaurant that is much rougher and gentler than the elbphilharmonie in hamburg." In spite of all these assurances, in the end it was stated in a song: "we are in the doldrums and we are dying, because nothing has been happening here for years"." The end of the story was finally the realization: "we need kronator." Before and during the evening, ed and jurgen entertained the audience with french wisdom. Stefan lach also celebrated his premiere as a gstanzlsanger at the start of the evening.

When moderator thomas auer of radio 1 and steffen mahr of the rosenbergsalm-geschaftsfuhrung prophesied at the beginning an unforgettable and madly mad evening, this sounded nevertheless somewhat very arrogant. But far from it: the visitors confirmed these statements at the end with thunderous applause. A very big praise for martin panzer. Steffen mahr: "we are incredibly grateful to you for what you have done with the derbleck`n in kronach."

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