The first visit to coburg was incognito

The first visit to coburg was incognito

Leon dolle has been around a lot and a long way in the world. Especially in southeast asia he has managed several hotels. The 58-year-old was also responsible for the amstelhotel in amsterdam, which he affectionately referred to as the "old lady" of the dutch hotel industry. From january 2019, leon dolle will be hotel director in coburg – and he has to smile when he recognizes the parallels: "the ‘goldene traube’ is also something like the ‘old lady’ here in the region!" Whereby he emphasizes that he means it positively.

Entrepreneur has bought hotel

Reminder: for 25 years bernd and barbara glauben have run the romantic hotel "goldene traube managed and embossed. But at the end of the year is the end. The two have sold the hotel to a local entrepreneur who does not want to be named. The latter, in turn, has found a partner in the up-and-coming hotel chain dormero, which will manage the tradition-steeped hotel in coburg in the future. And dormero relies on leon dolle as experienced hotel director on site.

Leon dolle comes from the small dutch town of delft. "There is a beautiful historic old town there", dolle tells coburger tageblatt in an interview. And he was all the more pleased when he came to coburg for the first time a few weeks ago and discovered that this town also has a historic old town "and it is almost even more beautiful than the one in delft!"

Leon dolle made his premiere visit to coburg virtually "incognito". Without any of the traube staff knowing who he was, he reserved a table in the traube restaurant "victoria grill" together with two women friends. "The service and the food were very good", leon dolle remembers. But above all, he was impressed by the fact that the place was full that monday evening. "On a monday evening!", leon dolle emphasizes and combines that "the glaubens" really know really know something about business. In other words, it’s quite something to position a hotel and restaurant business so successfully that even on a monday, which is considered to be a day of low turnover, business is good.

The name will be retained after all?

All these observations naturally come into play when leon dolle thinks about the future direction of the grapevine. In the tageblatt interview, however, the hotelier is still cautious. Yes, of course there will be changes – but, no, not everything has to be changed. And that already starts with the name. Leon dolle can well imagine that in the future company name as "dormero-hotel" very well also the addition "golden grape" is included. A final decision about it falls however probably only in the next two weeks. The hotel in luneburg, which was also taken over by dormero and still bears the traditional name "altes kaufhaus" in its subtitle, could serve as a model carries.

And how the current 65 "grapes" are to be treated-dolle is not yet ready to say what will happen with his employees. After his "incognito-he has since had a few very frank conversations with the visitors, "and the conversations felt very good", he tells. The fact that steffen szabo, the star chef, is no longer available is seen by leon dolle as sporting in the truest sense of the word: the dutch soccer idol johann cruyff once said that every disadvantage also has an advantage, "even if you don’t always see the advantage right away.

On the departure of steffen szabo

That steffen szabo is the "grape" was on the fringes of the "summit meeting of star chefs became known. The end of december is the end of the line for him – as well as for the believers. He does not want to reveal where he will be working in the future.

And what about the kitchen in the "traube"? Further? Leon dolle lets it be known in an interview with the tageblatt that he would like to maintain the culinary level. "We’re looking for a head of cake of the same quality!"

For the time being, however, the "goldene traube" losing their michelin star. In 2019, of all times, the new classification of the renowned restaurant guide will take place in february instead of fall. And it will probably not be possible to find a new star chef to move to coburg so quickly.

Steffen szabo went to the "golden grape" in 2016 come. There, the now 28-year-old defended the star previously won by stefan beiter and was henceforth allowed to call himself "bavaria’s youngest star chef" name.

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