The dance tracks remain controversial

the dance tracks remain controversial

District of forchheim whether the summer dance in eggolsheim has a future will be decided in october. By then, all traces of the electro-dance event of 11 september are to be evaluated./12. August left behind on the land in bammersdorf. "The police and the district office forchheim are compiling the results", said on friday stefan loch, the manager of the eggolsheim community center.
As reported, there had been complaints about the larms and about the fact that such a dance festival was not allowed to take place in a protected area. "We are still waiting for the result of the lower nature conservation authority", says stefan loch. There is certainly room for improvement, emphasizes the manager from eggolsheim. From the "assessment of the flat by the supervisory authority depends the future of the summer dance. Organizer tim uthmann said on friday that he "does not make any statement" on the subject will.

Approaching the organizers

The lower nature conservation authority headed by karin lammlein has meanwhile "inspected" the area of the dance event, says kathrin schurr, the press spokeswoman for the district office. In the next step, the official nature conservationists approached the summer dance organizers. "Contact was also made with the municipality."
The lower nature conservation authority has so far drawn public conclusions on only one point: "the summer dance was not permitted in the way it took place", says kathrin schurr. And this is not because the event "in the eaves area on a nature conservation valuable flat" had taken place. Therefore, the authorities had to be involved in advance.

While karin lammlein takes the view that the lower nature conservation authority was not involved, eggolsheim manager stefan loch emphasizes: "our employees not only gave a lot of thought to the summer dance, but also notified the authority of the event. The district office was involved."

Regardless of the fact that the statements on the approval procedure are contradictory, heinz marquart hopes for answers from a higher level. The environmental activist from eggolsheim has appealed to the european commission’s "environment directorate general" in brussel in brussel. After the third repetition, the open-air concerts "in an FFH and bird sanctuary" must stop. Has the municipality possibly also applied for claim funds for these commercially used areas, marquart asks the EU commission.

The eggolsheimer misses a council decision for the summer dance and the participation of the nature conservation authority. Neighborhood rights were also violated. In marquart’s letter to brussel, there is mention of a "noise pollution of more than 100 decibels over 19 hours in two days" the speech. Birds, moths, bats and mammals "including specially protected species" – have been disturbed or killed by diesel generators or light pollution. In addition, the area is "muddied" by cars and "siltation" have been impaired.

In spite of this protest, press spokeswoman schurr emphasizes: "not all events are forbidden on protected areas as a matter of principle. There are also nature contract events." The example of eggolsheim could "sensitize" other communities, to take a closer look and rather ask the nature conservation authority once too often: is it a nature conservation valuable flat? What is allowed? Are there restrictions?

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