Technical problems: disco opening in hochstadt cancelled

technical problems: disco opening in hochstadt cancelled

It was to be the mega party of the year. For weeks, the hochstadt discotheque cue had been advertising its new opening on the first weekend of advent with posters all over the district. Something completely new was to be built on around 2,000 square meters on the site of the former pulse station. "We're going full throttle at the start, josias ritter, the company's managing director, recently announced on our site.

The concept was well received by young people from hochstadt and the surrounding area. The discotheque already has 3300 fans on facebook, 1800 party-goers even pledged their participation in the rough opening weekend. A good two weeks earlier, the site on kieferndorfer weg was still a rough construction site. And the city was not yet officially involved in the plan at that time either. "We have a tight window between now and the opening weekend, but there's a top team here, and i'm very confident we'll get everything done in time.", ritter still estimated at this time.

Anger among fans
On friday evening, however, came the gross humiliation: three hours before the start of admission, the organizers announced that the opening would have to be postponed due to a security defect. This announcement caused an uproar on the internet. Above all, the announcement at such short notice was met with incomprehension. "We tried as long as we could to solve the problem", the responsible persons explain this fact and put a corresponding detailed report online on saturday evening.

It says that the failure of a coarse battery, which was used to provide basic lighting to safely exit the building in the event of a total power failure, was to blame for the short-term outage. "Under pressure, we have tried to save the situation by installing additional emergency lights with their own built-in battery throughout the building. So it was possible to open, but for this we needed an approval", the operators announce. Even a telephone conversation with district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) himself had not been able to make such an acceptance by the necessary authorities possible on friday afternoon.

Now the cue operators announce that they will use the time to implement further ideas. A new opening date has not yet been set.

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