Stepanova fails again with rio start permit

Stepanova fails again with rio start permit

Russian doping informant julia stepanova has also failed with a second attempt to compete at the olympic games in rio de janeiro.

This was announced after a meeting of the executive committee of the international olympic committee (IOC). Stepanova had once again written to the IOC.

IOC spokesman mark adams said after the meeting in rio, chaired by president thomas bach, that there was no further discussion of stepanova’s renewed request. "The final decision has already been made," said adams, referring to a decision to that effect on 24. July in lausanne.

Crown witness stepanova played a key role in exposing and proving systematic doping among russia’s track and field athletes. The 800-meter runner was herself banned for two years in 2013 for doping. According to the IOC, stepanova does not meet the "ethical requirements" for a start in rio because of her doping past.

As a consequence of the suspensions, the russian athletics team will not be allowed to compete in the games that begin this friday.

Whether all the russian athletes nominated so far will be allowed to compete in the other sports is far from decided. The executive erected another hurdle for the athletes before a start. The athletes will now be finally selected by a three-member council with members of the executive, the panel decided, according to adams. All decisions should be made in time for the start of the games.

After a review by experts of the international court of arbitration for sport (CAS), this three-member panel will have the final say. The IOC team includes the german chairwoman of the athletes’ commission, claudia bokel, the head of the medical commission, ugur erdener from turkey, and the spanish athlete juan antonio samaranch jr.

The IOC executive board had on 24. July instructs the international federations to first select the russian athletes who are free of doping and can compete in rio. These decisions must be confirmed case by case by the CAS experts.

The fact that the IOC has left it up to the international professional associations to decide is also causing a lot of criticism because there is no common practice of review among the associations.

The executive meeting, originally scheduled to last two days, ended on saturday. Bach to speak on sunday (17.00 a.M. CEST) to appear before the press. The president is under criticism because the IOC did not completely exclude team russia – despite evidence of state doping.

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