Spokesman: dispute over s-21 alternatives “phantom debate

spokesman: dispute over s-21 alternatives 'phantom debate

“There are no political majorities for another variant, no feasibility study, no financing – there is nothing,” dietrich told the dpa news agency in stuttgart. Neither the airport, which has contributed to the costs up to now, nor the city will continue to be available as financiers, because the link between the city and the airport will be eliminated, as will its connection to the high-speed rail line.

“The railroad itself would not want to build the project again from today”s point of view with the experiences made, but sees no alternative to continue building,” said dietrich. The black peter had the country, which so far does not want to pay more than 930 million euro, said dietrich. State premier winfried kretschmann (grune) wants to prevent an exit debate because he knows very well: “whoever demands an exit will pay for it.”

A lot of money is at stake if the project is cancelled. According to the railroad"s calculations, this would amount to at least two billion euros, which is mainly due to the reversal of the track area sold to the city of stuttgart, as well as possible claims for damages by the construction companies that had already been awarded contracts. "The exit is a one-hundred-percent loss, but if construction continues, there will be a new station with more capacity," dietrich emphasized.

The exit costs do not even include the 1.3 billion euros needed to renovate the dilapidated track apron. Dietrich explained: "it will certainly take eight years of repair work – and that while the main station is still in operation."

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