Sidewalks in altenkunstadt are too narrow – what can be done??

Sidewalks in altenkunstadt are too narrow - what can be done??

How can the area between weismainer strabe and the elementary school be made more attractive?? About a dozen citizens gave their thoughts on this topic on monday evening at the third working meeting on the integrated urban development concept (isek).

While in the past two meetings, the raiffeisenplatz was the center of attention, this time it was other sections of this axis of development of altenkunstadt. "The immediate area around the raiffeisenbank is certainly the focal point of altenkunstadt’s new center. But it is also defined by other areas of the development axis between weismainer strabe and elementary school", emphasized the hofer architect hans greim. Together with him and landscape architect susanne augsten from naila, the citizens mentally walked along the axis to look for problems and possible improvements in design.

The sidewalks in the rechtsanwalt-kraub-strabe are too narrow for wheelchair and rollator users as well as parents with strollers. How to find a remedy? Mayor robert hummer (CSU) proposed to reroute the pedestrian traffic over the fronleichnamsweg and the klosterstrabe respectively the missionsstrabe and the langheimer strabe. "It is illusory for fubgangers to embark on a detour. Nobody does that", objected local councillor ludwig winkler of the free burghers of the districts (FBO). His suggestion: the roadway should be narrowed to create a walkway on one side of the street.

Worth considering

In order to create more design space and room for other traffic participants on theodor-heuss-strabe, winkler advocated reducing the roadway from 7.50 to 6.50 meters. Greim considered the idea worthy of consideration in principle. However, the high traffic volume should not be ignored. 4500 to 5000 vehicles use the road every day. Greim advocated making the sidewalks and their surfaces in theodor-heuss-strabe barrier-friendly. The creation of parking spaces for bicycles and motorcycles is also close to winkler’s heart.

Almut schuhmann (SPD) considered the space in front of the former awo building next to the ice cream parlor to be an ideal place to park bicycles. "It was also possible to set up a charging station for e-bikes there", the social democrat suggested. Inge goebel mentioned the area next to the mack house in theodor-heuss-strabe. The area with the parking lots, which does not look very inviting, should be spared. At the junction of weismainer and theodor-heuss-strabe there is a small park with trees, adjoined by a large fallow area.

Green zone pick up

Goebel suggested that the green zone should be raised and made rougher. "The land belongs to the company "baur", remarked the mayor. Jutta lobling was buried when the area "am bach" was completed the synagogue has been upgraded to a small adventure area with playground equipment for families with children. Winkler rejected the idea of turning the house at gerbergasse 2 into a building for exhibitions. With the synagogue, one already has such a building. What altenkunstadt needs, according to winkler, is more living space. The desire for shopping facilities was also voiced.

Hummer announced that there were plans to set up a store in the vacant porcelain factory in nehmzow. Due to the newly created living space in the town center – the mayor referred to the apartments in the neumuhle – there is a need for such a facility. The etterweg, which is used by many pedestrians as a shortcut into langheimer strabe, should be improved. The same applies to the traffic situation for pedestrians around the town hall and the church.

Schuhmann wanted to know what would happen after the concept was completed. "A concrete planning of the object can follow", greim clarified.

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