Road blockage: gremsdorf gets the traffic

road blockage: gremsdorf gets the traffic

In muhlenweg in gremsdorf, you will have thought: yes, is the hochstadter aischbrucke closed again?? In the past few days, a number of motorists have once again used the gremsdorf bypass as a slow lane.

The reason: the ERH36 circular road between the medbach traffic circle and the B470 – known to many as "schonwetterstrabe" known – is closed since wednesday in both directions.

Open during the course of today

The blocking is to be lifted in the course of friday. The aim is to open the road at 3 p.M., when the road markings have been completed, says stephanie mack, deputy spokeswoman for the district administration office.

The carriageway was renewed at the junction with the B470 and at the two junctions of the two bridges. For a long time now a speed 50 sign has adorned the roadside there. Only a few of the participants kept to the rules, perhaps out of habit .

Danger for motorcyclists

"The speed limit was put in place because of the high differential, which could be especially dangerous for motorcyclists.", says mack. The speed 50 signs have already disappeared.

The danger was posed by faults and ruts. At the bridges the roadway had subsided. But the bridges themselves are not affected, according to the spokeswoman for the district administration office. The foreman of the asphalting crew says that it is normal for the road to sink after a certain period of time. In this case, the difference was about three centimeters high. Result: the famous "tatatt tatatt", that you can hear when you drive over the bridge's seams.

In the future, it will be possible to pass through the aischgrund without this acoustic element. And then the gremsdorf slow lane will also be used less again. The residents in muhlenweg will breathe a sigh of relief.

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