Rate should revise the decision

Rate should revise the decision

Regarding the discussion about the extension of the state road 2182 near folschnitz, we have received the following letter: to say it right away: I consider the planned extension of the state road irresponsible! This applies to the partial expansion over the 160 meters with a total width of 8.5 meters (so far it is only five meters), as well as to the in a few years then inevitably following even coarser full expansion. Every time a road is extended, the opposite of what the initiators are aiming for is achieved.

Widening and straightening will never reduce the danger of a road. The road will be driven even faster. Accidents will be more frequent and the consequences more dramatic, especially with oncoming traffic.

Here there is only one "neuralgic" bottleneck that should be eliminated. This is the 40 meter long concrete wall that was put up for no reason by the tram construction office a few years ago. The curves, on the other hand, are not bottlenecks. They are – if you drive sensibly – not dangerous either. On the contrary: they prevent even faster driving and thus make the road even safer.

The expansion is a slap in the face of all those who honestly stand up for the preservation of our already battered environment and the preservation of our homeland. The mayoress and almost all councilors come from the agricultural sector. For her, the preservation of nature had to have a high priority, simply because of her profession. This was even publicly stated – but that was before the election. I can only hope that the memory of the voters will last longer.

The extension is also a slap in the face of all those who have written against the partial extension of the 160-meter stretch and for (only) the removal of the concrete wall and the creation of a small passing place. I am also one of them. Hardly anyone in the city council took our proposal and note seriously. Our proposal was not even discussed before the vote in october.

What kind of understanding of democracy is this?? What about the pre-election promise to involve citizens in decision-making processes in a timely manner??

The whole affair was planned in advance in secret chambers! So it sounds like a mockery when the mayor tells the bayerische rundschau: "i take the concerns of the citizens seriously and want to act transparently." No, they and the municipal council are not doing that right now.

The only hope left is that the local council will revise its decision before it's too late, before the chain-saying starts in december. The few seconds of travel time saved do not remotely outweigh the many disadvantages associated with the expansion: more and heavier accidents, destruction of a valuable landscape area and a spared streetscape, destruction of valuable trees … Blighting our home – not a legacy worthy of our children.

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