Police: ban on visitors to the garden show

Police: ban on visitors to the garden show

The state garden show was and is currently on (almost) everyone’s lips. Much has been reported and discussed about them in recent weeks and months – both good and bad. Shortly before it finally closes its doors next month, it has now also made it into the headlines in the state capital of munich. In a rough report the suddeutsche zeitung dealt intensively with the garden show. However, the beauty of the flowers was not reported, but an incident that happened a few days ago during the "week of the police" was denounced occurred.

Reminder: in the time of 6. Until 12. September, the upper franconian police presented itself together with the bavarian riot police for a whole week at the state horticultural show. In addition to historic vehicles – such as the legendary "isar 12" film patrol car – he also visited the "isar" – there were numerous concerts with the police choir as well as a rough show on the regnitz, which was also attended by interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU). In addition, the bavarian riot police, together with their support squad (USK), demonstrated police operational training.

"Summarily led away"

and it is precisely these operations of the riot police that are now causing a stir. So the suddeutsche zeitung reported on wednesday that a man was "unceremoniously led away" by police officers during the demonstration was removed for canceling the event. And that "only, because he "decided to speak up and point out that a USK operation has absolutely nothing to do with a garden show".

What really happened a good week ago on the erba grounds?? The man from munich is called rudiger tresselt, is according to his own statements an environmental expert by profession and gave information to our editorial team. On 12. In september, he visited the bamberg horticultural show together with a friend. "When we arrived at the sports ground, we encountered a police exercise that we had not known about in advance", he reports.

Right at the start of the event, he was annoyed by the way a police spokesman announced the exercise. "The official said that it would now be shown what the usual practice was in the vicinity of large-scale events, for example on the fringes of soccer matches, at first may riots or at demonstrations such as the castor transports or at stuttgart 21", he described. His "hat went off", when the policeman generalized all demonstrators into a "criminal corner have pushed. Therefore he asked in a loud voice, but not shouting, what this event had to do with a horticultural show.

The police has the right to enter the house?

"In addition, I protested against the fact that the exercise of fundamental rights is being put into a criminal corner, and I interjected that, from my point of view, the violence at stuttgart 21 originated from the police", said the man from munich. Thereupon he was taken by the arm by two officers and led away. "Although I told the police officers that I was only exercising my right to freedom of expression, I was accused of "disrespecting" the event. After that, my personal details were determined and I was expelled from the field", rudiger tresselt explains.

His question as to whether the police had the right to enter the building was immediately answered in the affirmative by the officers. "And this, although I saw that afterwards one of the officers picked up the phone and probably talked to someone about this house right", reports munich.

In tresselt’s opinion, it is unacceptable for police officers to engage in "civil war" at a garden show and any criticism of it, even if it is not presented in an insulting way, is stopped with a forced removal. He has called in a lawyer who will examine whether there is any illegality here.

Others felt disturbed?

The press office of the police prasidium of upper franconia, however, describes the case clearly differently. "Already at the beginning of this presentation a spectator tried, by loud interjections the meeting expiration to disturb massively. Because other interested spectators felt disturbed by this man’s behavior while following the performance, and because the performance itself could not be held properly due to the ongoing disturbances, the spectator in question was asked by police officers to refrain from his loud protest or to express his opinion in a moderate tone of voice", says the police statement. After the man had not complied with this request, a police expulsion had been pronounced.

"The visitor was asked to leave the immediate area around the sports ground for the duration of the police operation", says alexander czech, press spokesman for the police prasidium of upper franconia. He emphasizes in this context that the expulsion is the mildest means to ensure a trouble-free event. It was however the first expulsion, which had to be pronounced so far on the national horticultural show.

The press office of the national horticultural show stresses for its part that the expulsion had been agreed upon with the chief of the service on that day. "If someone disrupts the event so massively, the action of the police from our side is quite justified", says stephanie schirken-gerster, press spokeswoman for the state horticultural show gmbh. She emphasizes that besides the police, many other institutions and organizations have already presented themselves at the landesgartenschau.

If the man from munich had come a few weeks earlier, he would have been pushed onto the indians during the karl may weeks. "The whole thing is a question of taste. But there was also a lot of praise for the police week. In addition, many people came to the state garden show specifically because of the show or the other police events", according to schirken-gerster.

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