Lower franconia: car overturns – full closure of the a45 motorway

Lower Franconia: car overturns - full closure of the a45 motorway

The overturning of a car on the A45 on wednesday evening, caused a full closure of the highway. The result was a mile-long traffic jam.

Lower franconia: car hits truck and causes full closure of A3 motorway

according to the police report, a 75-year-old man was traveling from hanau in the direction of aschaffenburg at around 6 p.M. He wanted to leave the A 45 at the alzenau-mitte exit and changed to the turning lane. At the fork in the road between the main carriageway and the exit ramp, the driver was probably going too fast.

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Gentner’s return to wolfsburg: “we’ve had great success”

Gentner's return to wolfsburg: 'we've had great success'

Christian gentner”s last trip to wolfsburg was not that long ago. Just before the start of the season, the 34-year-old was once again invited to lower saxony by vfl.

The reason: the championship team of 2009 met again ten years after the completely surprising title win. "It was a good time," recalled gentner, who left the company on sunday (15).30 o’clock/sky) is once again a guest in wolfsburg. Then it’s time for the veteran to take on promoted team 1. FC union berlin to end the negative series of the last three defeats in the fubball-bundesliga in a row.

"We don’t want to go into the break with zero points," gentner said before the duel with his former club. While berlin are stuck in the lower third of the table before the seventh matchday, the still unbeaten vfl is keeping contact with the top group. "I still follow what happens in wolfsburg. The game is already something special for me. The time was very successful," gentner said and recalled: "in wolfsburg, i more or less played through three years completely. We’ve had great successes. There are a few memories."

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Spokesman: dispute over s-21 alternatives “phantom debate

spokesman: dispute over s-21 alternatives 'phantom debate

“There are no political majorities for another variant, no feasibility study, no financing – there is nothing,” dietrich told the dpa news agency in stuttgart. Neither the airport, which has contributed to the costs up to now, nor the city will continue to be available as financiers, because the link between the city and the airport will be eliminated, as will its connection to the high-speed rail line.

“The railroad itself would not want to build the project again from today”s point of view with the experiences made, but sees no alternative to continue building,” said dietrich. The black peter had the country, which so far does not want to pay more than 930 million euro, said dietrich. State premier winfried kretschmann (grune) wants to prevent an exit debate because he knows very well: “whoever demands an exit will pay for it.”

A lot of money is at stake if the project is cancelled. According to the railroad"s calculations, this would amount to at least two billion euros, which is mainly due to the reversal of the track area sold to the city of stuttgart, as well as possible claims for damages by the construction companies that had already been awarded contracts. "The exit is a one-hundred-percent loss, but if construction continues, there will be a new station with more capacity," dietrich emphasized.

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Martin walser philosophizes about angela merkel’s beauty

Martin walser philosophizes about angela merkel's beauty

The writer martin walser (91) once again shows himself to be a fan of chancellor angela merkel: he describes himself in the new "spiegel" as "seduced" by her "and by the quiet force of her beauty". How he means this, he explains in an essay.

"Her face hardly ever shows what she thinks she has to say again now."Merkel’s image is her nature, says walser. "And this is what distinguishes her from all politicians of the epoch: when she speaks, let us experience how her phrases are created as she speaks. What makes her unique is that she lets us see how she comes up with the sentences she says."And also: "I am always curious to see what she will say at the next moment."

Walser himself refers in the "spiegel" to an older text of himself, which was written on the 22nd of friday. November 2015 in the "frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung" and in which it said at the time: "when i said in berlin the other day in a hall full of people: "angela merkel is already", people laughed."

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Siemens not yet feeling the upswing

Siemens not yet feeling the upswing

"Business has not become easier," siemens ceo peter loscher told the "handelsblatt" (wednesday edition). "Even the short-cycled creations lacked impetus."

The world currently lacks an economic locomotive like china and the emerging markets were during the last crisis. So far, siemens has not seen the upturn that many experts expected in the coming months.

Loscher would not comment on the course of business in the second quarter, which has just ended. According to information from company circles, the meeting was "mixed".

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Upper franconia: fraudsters trick 71-year-old woman – police warn of this brazen scam

Upper Franconia: fraudsters trick 71-year-old woman - police warn of this brazen scam

Early friday afternoon, a 71-year-old woman received a phone call from an unknown man. In the telephone call, the latter posed as an employee of a large software company and won the lady's trust through courtly behavior. The 71-year-old didn't hesitate when the man asked her to make various entries on her laptop. However, the woman from marktredwitz unknowingly downloaded a program called "team viewer" and allowed the unknown caller to access her laptop.

Hospital scandal in lower franconia: former employee exposes years of fraud

This one locked the computer of the lady without further ado and then demanded 300,- euro in the form of cell phone cards for its unblocking. The lady then made a total of four transfers, each of 44.69 euros, to the account indicated by the unknown person. Then, however, the whole thing seemed too strange to her and she decided to notify the police. The police marktredwitz investigates in this matter now against the hitherto unknown, male caller, because of fraud.

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Munnerstadt: a friday against climate change

Munnerstadt: a friday against climate change

There is another way: the students of munnerstadt’s schonborn grammar school also wanted to take part in the worldwide school strike to draw politicians’ attention to the climate crisis. Instead of staying away from the school, the members of the "environment" working group in the SMV (schuler-mit-verantwortung – school council with responsibility), they had another idea and were able to win over the school administration for it. In the morning, a project day on climate change was on the agenda, with clothes swapping, upcycling (recycling of used objects) and much more. After the official close of school at 12.15 o’clock the schoolchildren demonstrated in their free time in front of the city hall.

"We are here – we are loud – because you are stealing our future", chanted numerous schoolchildren in the marketplace, with school spokesman frederik durr leading the way. The police assumed 200 to 220 schoolgirls at the procession from the grammar school to the market place. In addition, there were a number of middle school students, so that norbert schmaling from the windpark langes schiff estimated the total number of participants at 300. "At least.", he said.

"Everything has to change, and it has to change now, "we did our homework, you didn’t", "i want you to act as if your house was on fire – because it is," he said, members of the SMV’s environment working group quoted greta thunberg, the "fridays for future reasons.

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Police: ban on visitors to the garden show

Police: ban on visitors to the garden show

The state garden show was and is currently on (almost) everyone’s lips. Much has been reported and discussed about them in recent weeks and months – both good and bad. Shortly before it finally closes its doors next month, it has now also made it into the headlines in the state capital of munich. In a rough report the suddeutsche zeitung dealt intensively with the garden show. However, the beauty of the flowers was not reported, but an incident that happened a few days ago during the "week of the police" was denounced occurred.

Reminder: in the time of 6. Until 12. September, the upper franconian police presented itself together with the bavarian riot police for a whole week at the state horticultural show. In addition to historic vehicles – such as the legendary "isar 12" film patrol car – he also visited the "isar" – there were numerous concerts with the police choir as well as a rough show on the regnitz, which was also attended by interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU). In addition, the bavarian riot police, together with their support squad (USK), demonstrated police operational training.

"Summarily led away"

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Beaten jewish professor accuses police of “lying”

Beaten jewish professor accuses police of 'lying'

The israeli university teacher from the U.S. Who was attacked by a german with palastinian roots in bonn on wednesday has made serious accusations against the police.

In a letter to the german press agency and other media, professor jitzchak jochanan melamed of the university of baltimore accused police of spreading "lies" about the incident.

Melamed was initially mistaken for the attacker by police, then overpowered and beaten. The police have also admitted this and apologized. However, she also wrote in her press release that the police officers involved had stated that melamed did not stop when they shouted and then fought back.

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Hick-hack in the union over mothers’ pensions

Hick-hack in the union over mothers' pensions

In view of skeptical comments by finance minister wolfgang schauble (CDU), the chairwoman of the CDU’s women’s union, maria bohmer, warned on tuesday on the sidelines of a meeting of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the bundestag: "this is the third time that a party congress has passed a resolution. This decision must now be implemented."Millions of mothers had not had the good conditions of today and had renounced many things in their lives for the sake of raising children. They were not allowed to be roasted for a long time.

Meanwhile, on tuesday, party leader horst seehofer rebuked CSU state group leader gerda hasselfeldt, who had previously criticized bavaria’s social minister christine haderthauer. Hasselfeldt accused haderthauer of near blackmail and recommended a calm examination of the finances. "My style is not language that comes close to blackmail," said the chairwoman of the CSU’s parliamentary. Seehofer, on the other hand, said that haderthauer was right. "This has nothing to do with blackmail," seehofer told the dpa news agency. "There are still many unsolved problems with the supplementary pension."

Haderthauer had told the "rheinische post": "child rearing is the main cause of old-age poverty. Until something is done here, the CSU will not agree to the subsidized pension either."The mother’s betterment has "absolute priority for the CSU", seehofer said.

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