Nowitzki shines in schroder premiere in nba

Nowitzki shines in schroder premiere in nba

Nowitzki saw schroder off with a few kind words and a shoulder slap in the dressing room. At the start of his 16. In the nba season, the star of the dallas mavericks proved in the duel with the atlanta hawks and the newcomer from braunschweig that there is no german wake-up call for a long time yet.

With 24 points and his usual nerves of steel in the final phase, nowitzki led the texans to a 118-109 opening victory over the team from georgia, for which the 20-year-old schroder celebrated a decent debut. "That was only game one of 82," nowitzki stressed, however. "I told the guys: we’re not going to finish the year 0:82, that’s gross. It is still early, but we are offensively capable of such nights, that is good to know."

With three fingers extended in the air, the wurzburg native celebrated his second made distance shot in half a minute to secure the mavs victory with 90 seconds remaining. But schroder also provided highlights with five points, five assists and four rebounds in 18 minutes: only three seconds after he had completely missed the ring on a jump shot in a direct duel with nowitzki, he ice-coldly sank his first NBA three-pointer.

"I was going to love it when he had success in the league. I think he has all the tools to do it," nowitzki praised the rookie. "He’s had such a great career," said schroder. "It’s crazy for him to say things like that about me. It means a lot to me."

While the nimble point guard was experiencing his first nba moments, nowitzki was already reaching the next milestone of his impressive career. As 27. The 35-year-old has played a total of more than 40,000 minutes in the regular season. "It was a long journey," he recalled. "Time flies by, but hopefully i have another 10,000 or 15,000 minutes in me and then i can ride off into the sunset."

Above all, the performance of his new teammates gives the 2011 champion hope for a more successful year than the messed-up preseason without playoff participation, before any thoughts of ending his career. Spanish jose calderon put nowitzki and co. With eleven assists, monta ellis always strong in scene, trumped with 32 points and eight assists roughly. "He was great," nowitzki praised the guard. "His entire game impressed me even more than his goals. He attacks steadily."

Elias harris was not yet able to show his full attacking power in the 94-125 defeat of the los angeles lakers at the golden state warriors, but the wing player nevertheless experienced his NBA premiere as the tenth german. In the last quarter, the 24-year-old managed one assist and one ball win in just under eight minutes, while his national teammate chris kaman finished with eleven points. "You have to be deep in the dirt before you can find your blood," harris tweeted in light of the emphatic defeat. "Let’s go to the next (game)"."

The miami heat suffered an unexpected defeat, the champions lost to the philadelphia 76ers 110-114 without dwyane wade. Club icon allen iverson, speaking in the arena box shortly after announcing his retirement, was particularly impressed by the performance of 76ers rookie michael carter-williams with 22 points, twelve assists and nine steals. "I couldn’t imagine a better start to an NBA career," said miami superstar lebron james, full of appreciation.

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