Not much left of the playground

Not much left of the playground

Brigitte ostermann has lived next to the playground for 33 years and her grandchildren often play there too. At the end of may, a playground equipment and a climbing frame with slide were dismantled. "No longer safe for traffic", the responsible persons at the city of bamberg had judged.

Since then, the children have only a small wooden house and a water pump at their disposal. A table tennis table is still hidden behind a small hedge. "It bothers me that no one comes and cleans the playground anymore. In the past, people from lebenshilfe came once a week and everything was always clean. But now no one cares. Only very rarely does anyone from the city come and they only clear away the most necessary things", declares birgitte ostermann.

No one had been informed about the dismantling of the playground and the residents of the quarter had not received any answer to questions about the future of the playground from the city.
" There are many children in the neighborhood, so the playground here is ideal and is also often used. We would like to see the place spruced up again, even though we no longer have any small children in the house ourselves", says a couple who live in the neighborhood.

The future of their playground is a much discussed topic in the painters’ district, because there is no alternative to play for the children. And also the fact that especially young people sometimes use the place in front of their house as a meeting point to drink alcohol and smoke there. The legacies of these meetings were then left lying around in the form of cigarette butts and empty bottles. And there is also concern about hygiene. "Who knows what the children catch while playing, as dirty as it is."

At the request of the local editorial office, the garden and cemetery office, which is also responsible for the bamberg playgrounds, reports that a new playground is to be erected in the course of the coming year.
There were also considerations in the direction of a total renovation and possible new planting. But nothing has been decided yet. Not much is left of the playground in the painters’ quarter

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