No longer on the city council: “es lebbe geht weider” (it’s alive again)

No longer on the city council: 'es lebbe geht weider' (it's alive again)

They have helped shape the kitzingen city council for many years. In the election on 15. Marz they all three failed narrowly. A conversation with local politicians who have invested a lot of time in their hometowns. And who won’t be bored in the next few years despite an election defeat.

Franz bohm served on the kitzingen city council for 42 years. Longer than any other. He has been mayor of four burghers and was deputy mayor for twelve years. No one has failed more narrowly than him. Nevertheless, bohm seems relaxed. "I’m not shocked," he asserts. He was happy to work as a city councilor for two more years, familiarizing the new colleagues from his group prokitzingen. "Then i had called it a day anyway," he confesses. Franz bohm will be 80 years old in 2022. "I don’t want to sit on the council with an eighth in front of me any more. I have always said that."

Manfred marstaller had gladly worked for his group in the city council for another six years. Third place was not enough on the etc list. "Our election campaign was suboptimal," says the group chairman. He female: without own OB-candidate one loses also with the city council election votes. "We talked about it far too late in the day."Especially among the young members, the frustration is therefore great. "It’s not easy to get them excited about local politics anyway," said marstaller, who had wanted a generational change in his own grouping.

The 67-year-old now wants to press for a quick and thorough processing of the election results. "We need to have a critical talk about the situation," he demands. He sees the etc. On the edge of the abyss. Eight city councils plus OB paid the grouping in its best time. Twelve years ago. Now it pays only two city councils. Marstaller: "that’s a tough one."In addition to the low voter turnout of just 48 percent, he has another explanation: "the city has communicated its successes poorly or not at all."Much has been achieved under the leadership of mayor siegfried muller. Millions have been invested in schools, kindergartens and sports halls in particular. "Nevertheless, many citizens think that nothing has moved," marstaller marvels and criticizes the public relations work in the town hall: "we have reacted too often and acted too rarely."

With eight city councilors, the CSU is and remains the strongest force in the new city council. It is also possible that stefan guntner will be the next mayor of oberburg. For twelve years, hartmut stiller has been a strong advocate for social issues and the concerns of senior citizens. "On the monday after the election i was already quite disappointed," he confesses. Nevertheless, hartmut stiller could not afford to be bored. He will continue to be involved as the local and district chairman of the vdk. He is also an honorary social judge and works for the churches. He describes his twelve years on the city council as "harmonious on the whole. However, he had wished for more intensive cooperation between the individual factions. "There’s a lot of party politics going on in some groupings," he regrets.

An assessment that franz bohm knows only too well from all his years of service. There will be ten parties and groupings in the new council. "That doesn’t make it any easier."His advice to the new mayor: look for stable majorities in good time so that the most important issues can be carried through together. This is how it was in his early days, when the CSU had double-digit representation on the board. And that, in his own words, is how bohm has kept it up later on. "I’ve never been a rough party fighter," says the man who was elected to the CSU city council in 1978 as its youngest member and left the CSU in 2008 after internal disputes to found the pro kitzingen grouping. Over the years, it has been more important to him to get the necessary votes together for an important vote – across party lines. Good and timely communication with the city council colleagues is therefore crucial. "Some things have been done wrong in the last few years," he criticizes. Franz bohm now wants to devote more time to his family, but he will retain the chairmanship of his group. "Little by little, I will be looking for a successor," he announces. Manfred marstaller is also pleased to have considerably more time for himself and his granddaughter. 325 appointments he had in one year as sports officer and chairman of the audit in the city hall. "Without the discussions with the mayor."He wants to remain faithful to the etc. "But that depends on how the leadership behaves in the coming weeks," he says. The change of generations is crucial for him.

After a few days distance, hartmut stiller can also accept his retirement. "It’s alive again," he quotes fubball coach and recreational philosopher dragoslav stepanovic. A sentence that applies to all three long-serving city councilors.

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