New building area is to be created

New building area is to be created

"Will people still be happy with it in 50 years??" This question was posed by local councilor franz-josef selig after the local council of wonfurt decided at its meeting on tuesday evening to draw up a development plan for the new "stocklesanger" residential area to put up in wonfurt. For him, the development area is "not cozy enough"; he misses a play street, niches and meeting places where people also feel comfortable, the obligation to install photovoltaic systems, or the prohibition of so-called rock garden. However, because the planning has not yet been completed, mayor holger baunacher asked him to submit concrete proposals.

First, hans-peter burger from the office "konrad und burger, architekten fur stadtplanung" (konrad and burger, architects for urban planning), from dettelbach presented the design. According to this, the building area in the southeast of wonfurt comprises 26 plots for 23 single-family houses and three smaller multi-family houses. The traffic area of the ring-shaped access road, which includes the road, parking lots and sidewalks, has a width of 7.50 meters. The area will be grassed all around, and trees will also be planted along the road. A time-delayed drainage of the straben surface water into the seebach is carried out by rigoles.

Criticism and suggestions

Burger also explained the textual requirements and the noise protection. Baunacher recalled that egon vogt had suggested that rainwater storage be required. "We are still working on that", he informed. The council was told that it is still being clarified whether protection for the trees is necessary.

"This building area is not made for the future", stated franz-josef selig. He thought it would be better if only residents were allowed to use the road and children could play on the road. He also asked what the situation was with the energy supply. He had hoped for more from the architect as an expert, he said. Baunacher gave him the chance to submit concrete proposals in writing, and stressed: "clarification and incentives I consider better than regulations, which only bring more bureaucracy with them again."

The council agreed, with franz-josef selig voting against, to establish the development plan for a residential area predominantly for single-family dwellings in two-story construction in an accelerated procedure without environmental review. However, franz-josef selig and karl hellwig had pleaded for a site on the side of the future "stocklesanger" development and of the existing "bodenfeld" construction area to build a walkway.

Because the municipality of wonfurt needs a new operating license for the clearing plant near wonfurt in 2021/22, the mayor informed about the results of the investigation of the office SRP schneider& partner from zeil. The current plant is designed for 2000 p.E. (population equivalents), but has to handle between 2400 and 6400 p.E. Of rainwater. However, according to baunacher, the excessively high proportion of external water will be eliminated by the sewer renovations.

The clarification plant is currently sufficient and the wastewater values are also completely in order, he said. However, if the leachate from the district waste center near wonfurt is also to be treated there, an expansion will become unavoidable, he announced.

SRP therefore presented two alternatives: either the municipality builds a further combined tank for 3,000 p.E. Or it builds a new clarification plant for an expected 5,000 p.E. And uses the existing plant for sludge storage. "Further investigations will show that", according to the mayor.

Expensive disposal

However, clear sludge disposal is a problem. "We have already paid 24,000 euros for this this year and will probably have to spend between 15,000 and 30,000 euros again, said holger baunacher. "We will therefore first work together with the city of habfurt and then examine whether it is more economical to take over the complete clear sludge disposal ourselves", he explained.

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