Munnerstadt: a friday against climate change

Munnerstadt: a friday against climate change

There is another way: the students of munnerstadt’s schonborn grammar school also wanted to take part in the worldwide school strike to draw politicians’ attention to the climate crisis. Instead of staying away from the school, the members of the "environment" working group in the SMV (schuler-mit-verantwortung – school council with responsibility), they had another idea and were able to win over the school administration for it. In the morning, a project day on climate change was on the agenda, with clothes swapping, upcycling (recycling of used objects) and much more. After the official close of school at 12.15 o’clock the schoolchildren demonstrated in their free time in front of the city hall.

"We are here – we are loud – because you are stealing our future", chanted numerous schoolchildren in the marketplace, with school spokesman frederik durr leading the way. The police assumed 200 to 220 schoolgirls at the procession from the grammar school to the market place. In addition, there were a number of middle school students, so that norbert schmaling from the windpark langes schiff estimated the total number of participants at 300. "At least.", he said.

"Everything has to change, and it has to change now, "we did our homework, you didn’t", "i want you to act as if your house was on fire – because it is," he said, members of the SMV’s environment working group quoted greta thunberg, the "fridays for future reasons.

"It is important that each individual can do something", says frederik durr to our newspaper. That is why the two actions have been coupled. First, the project day for grades 5 to 10 was on the agenda. "We want to make our schoolmates more aware of environmental protection", reads a letter from the SMV to parents and schoolchildren. "There are infos and workshops", says frederik durr. During the upcycling, the students could make wallets, notepads and picture frames, and posters were made for the demos. The topic was also taken up in regular lessons.

"All over the world, hundreds of thousands of young people are standing up today, just like you in munnerstadt, and fighting for a future worth living, indeed for the survival of humanity on this planet. Your youth commitment is very important, and I thank you very much for that", said former green member of parliament hans-josef fell, who was invited as keynote speaker. "My generation has failed in its entirety", he stressed. There are millions of people who have been working for decades to protect the climate, but there are billions of people who don’t care. In particular, there are business models, especially among large corporations from the fossil and nuclear industry sector, which call for the demise of humanity on this planet without regard for the environment and climate protection, says hans-josef fell.

The ecological condition of the planet is already unsustainable, so further emissions had to be stopped. Climate protection must be created on two pillars at the same time. "No more new climate gases must be released into the atmosphere, and the excess carbon must finally be removed from the atmosphere in large quantities," he stressed, says the environmental activist. He came to the conclusion that today there is no longer any sensible reason to refuse climate protection. He shouted to the students: "humanity needs your youthful strength to finally create an effective climate protection."

Mayor helmut blank (CSU) encouraged the young people to protest. Munnerstadt is energy self-sufficient because of the many wind turbines and photovoltaic plants. The head of the city highlighted norbert schmaling and the wind farm as well as the munnerstadt energy cooperative. Environmental officer klaus schebler (neue wege) spoke about the many flower meadows that have been newly created since 2016. The city supported the schools’ projects for environmental protection.

"Shopping without money and making the world a little better at the same time" – this was the motto of the clothes swap held on the project day at the schonborn high school in the morning. In the process, schoolchildren were able to hand in well-preserved items of clothing that no longer fit or appeal to them. For this, they were credited with points, which they could then use to take away clothing again. Simply paid with the points. And what is left over will be put to good use.

"The environmental working group has made a point of remembering, says principal joachim schwigon, who is fully behind the campaign. "We do the project day in such a way that every school gets something out of it." He had informed the parents in advance that, because of the project day, classes would end at 12 noon.15 o’clock ends. The subsequent demonstration by the SMV was therefore no longer a school event, and participation was therefore voluntary.

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