“More attention for families”

Supporting families, challenging them and creating good living conditions for them – that is the core task of the new family representative of the city of bamberg, caroline lang. In the spring, she took over from gisela filkorn, who went into well-deserved retirement after twelve years. This week, the 33-year-old lawyer came to the town hall for her inaugural visit to the mayor of kitzingen, andreas stark (SPD).

"As a family representative, I would like to get involved with families and draw more political attention to the needs of families", lang emphasized at her meeting with the city’s chief executive. She wanted to focus on the family-friendliness of the entire city.

One of her heartfelt concerns is the realization of sufficient childcare facilities. In addition, lang wanted to encourage families to approach the family advisory council more strongly in order to express their wishes and needs. "For this reason, I will set up an idea collector in the information desk at the town hall, where anyone can post their concerns, in order to keep the inhibition threshold as low as possible.", says lang.

When asked what she would like to see happen in her job, she said she would like to continue working constructively with the city of bamberg. This naturally also applies to mayor andreas stark, who buried caroline lang warmly and wished her every success in her task.

Caroline lang was born in aachen in 1985. She was drawn to passau in bavaria to study law. Lang passed her second state law examination in bamberg, germany. She has lived here with her husband since 2009. The couple has two children – and therefore knows exactly which issues are important to families.

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