Martin walser philosophizes about angela merkel’s beauty

Martin walser philosophizes about angela merkel's beauty

The writer martin walser (91) once again shows himself to be a fan of chancellor angela merkel: he describes himself in the new "spiegel" as "seduced" by her "and by the quiet force of her beauty". How he means this, he explains in an essay.

"Her face hardly ever shows what she thinks she has to say again now."Merkel’s image is her nature, says walser. "And this is what distinguishes her from all politicians of the epoch: when she speaks, let us experience how her phrases are created as she speaks. What makes her unique is that she lets us see how she comes up with the sentences she says."And also: "I am always curious to see what she will say at the next moment."

Walser himself refers in the "spiegel" to an older text of himself, which was written on the 22nd of friday. November 2015 in the "frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung" and in which it said at the time: "when i said in berlin the other day in a hall full of people: "angela merkel is already", people laughed."

He explained the gentleness he was referring to as follows: "mrs. Merkel has to say what she thinks on 100 topics. And she always says it in such a way that you witness how the thoughts arise in her and are then said. Her sentences are never finished before they are said." Merkel does not say phrases like so many other politicians do. "That’s why her sentences, no matter what the topic, are always credible. Most politicians reel off what they’ve got (…). With mrs. Merkel, we witness how spirit and nature come together, and that is precisely why she is already."

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