Lower franconia: car overturns – full closure of the a45 motorway

Lower Franconia: car overturns - full closure of the a45 motorway

The overturning of a car on the A45 on wednesday evening, caused a full closure of the highway. The result was a mile-long traffic jam.

Lower franconia: car hits truck and causes full closure of A3 motorway

according to the police report, a 75-year-old man was traveling from hanau in the direction of aschaffenburg at around 6 p.M. He wanted to leave the A 45 at the alzenau-mitte exit and changed to the turning lane. At the fork in the road between the main carriageway and the exit ramp, the driver was probably going too fast.

Instead of turning right, the vehicle drove straight ahead and up the guardrail that had been lowered into the ground there. As a result, the car was levered to the left and fell on the roof. The car finally came to a halt on the left lane of the A45, lying on its roof.

The driver and his 73-year-old female passenger were able to extricate themselves from the wreckage with the help of first responders. They were taken to surrounding hospitals by the emergency medical services. According to the current state, both got away with only minor injuries.

The car was no longer roadworthy and had to be towed away. The damage is 15.000 euro. The fire department secured the scene of the accident, regulated the traffic, assisted in the recovery of the car and finally cleaned the road.

The A45 was completely closed for half an hour. Afterwards, traffic was able to pass the scene of the accident on a single lane again. It formed a kilometer-long traffic jam. Around 20 o’clock the scene of the accident was cleared.

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