Initiates have a cup with them

Initiates have a cup with them

When in december in the early evening single people in winter coats and with an empty cup in their hands are walking near the hospital, they can have only one goal: the advent window of the day! On wednesday people were attracted to hildegardstrabe. In the last row of houses of the residential area, directly at the bruderwald, which presented itself on that evening deeply snow-covered, the twelfth window opened with family hartmann-muller.

The hosts have only lived in this part of town for five years and, according to otto muller, have never made friends so quickly: "we got to know most of the people through the advent calendar." Since 1995, the burgerverein am bruderwald has been organizing its advent calendar, taking up an idea from switzerland. The intention behind this was to create an opportunity for the residents of the then still young and growing district to meet and get to know each other in an uncomplicated way.

They never imagined that it would become a continuous runner that still brings people together 17 years later, say rudolf wagner-jakob and kurt filkorn, two manner of the first hour. On wednesday evenings they too stand chatting on the terrace of the hartmann-muller family. There may be 15 or 20 people, who help themselves to the two coarse hot food. There is punch with and without alcohol and a set table with lard sandwiches, stollen, squares and other little things.

The framework was deliberately kept small, says otto muller. It's not about outdoing others but spending a social hour together and making contacts.

Onslaught in your own garden
The date should always be visible on each window. At hildegardstrabe 7, a rough 12 is emblazoned next to an illuminated star and a doll in a reclining chair. "She looks just like you", says a visitor to the host. He laughingly explains that the doll is actually supposed to represent him: it was a farewell gift from the staff at the strullendorf school, where muller was principal until his retirement.

Most of the people who come on wednesdays between 6 p.M. And 6 p.M. Are not there.30 o'clock know each other. The first ones will leave soon. No one can tell beforehand how many people will come, insiders report. And that everything will be over after two hours at the latest.

The busiest day is always the 23rd, everyone agrees on that. Then traditionally opens the advent window at family deeg, which also lives in hildegardstrabe. Jutta heitzer-deeg, who will visit her neighbors hartmann-muller on wednesday, is apparently relaxed about the onslaught in her own garden. She explains it with the special date: on the day before christmas eve, many adult children are already on a christmas visit to their parents' home. Then comes the second generation with.

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