Hofheim fire department has 150 years of tradition

hofheim fire department has 150 years of tradition

The hofheim fire department celebrates its 150th anniversary. Jubilee. In addition, an honorary evening took place, at which deserving helpers of the oldest fire brigade in the district of habberge were honored, and history was leafed through. Currently 55 men and women are active in the hofheim fire department.

After the honorary evening, hofheim prepares for a weekend of festivities. On sunday, 1. July, a parade will take place, starting at 13:00.30 o'clock starts at the spielberg and goes to the house of the guest. There is the district fire brigade day for the district.

History: on 14. December 1862 the people of hofheim formed their first organized fire department. 34 members joined the new organization, which promised to be more effective. Because before, it was different: when a fire broke out, everything went haywire, the citizens fetched their – more or less well preserved – leather buckets from home to face the disaster.

State-of-the-art equipment

Now the city bought its new fire department 30 helmets, 26 hatchets, twelve ropes, twelve lanterns, a rough ladder, hooks and roof ladders as well as a fire truck and a mobile ladder. Such equipment was highly modern at that time.

The first commander was prosecutor hofer. 16 years later, the blacksmith karl gerhardt took over the project. At that time, the unit was already on the verge of being disbanded, because the training attendance was too weak. It was not until 1884 that brewery owner georg hublein succeeded in restoring "breeding and order" to the town to get into the organization as it hieb. Volunteering to help in a disaster was not without risk: master blacksmith and commander karl gerhardt died in a fire, for example.

95 active helpers

in 1909 a hydrant truck was purchased. In 1910, the people of hofheim paid 95 active helpers. Women were called upon for the first time in 1942, because in the second world war the men were at the front, and so they were obliged to serve. The war also forced the installation of a gas defense train, which was used in 1944 during the heavy air raid on kitzingen. The troop had to deal with rough missions, as old records show, during air raids on aidhausen, stadtlauringen, schweinfurt and ebelsbach.

The jubel fire brigade was the first in the former district of hofheim to buy an opel blitz as its LF 8. He sold a cadillac with a trailer, which veterans still dream about today. The first tanker with breathing apparatus arrived in 1965.

Under hans neubert as commander, the fire department building in gobmannsdorfer strabe was built. Two years after the inauguration in 1984, higher tasks awaited: the hofheim fire brigade received the catastrophe protection ruddy car.

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