Hick-hack in the union over mothers’ pensions

Hick-hack in the union over mothers' pensions

In view of skeptical comments by finance minister wolfgang schauble (CDU), the chairwoman of the CDU’s women’s union, maria bohmer, warned on tuesday on the sidelines of a meeting of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the bundestag: "this is the third time that a party congress has passed a resolution. This decision must now be implemented."Millions of mothers had not had the good conditions of today and had renounced many things in their lives for the sake of raising children. They were not allowed to be roasted for a long time.

Meanwhile, on tuesday, party leader horst seehofer rebuked CSU state group leader gerda hasselfeldt, who had previously criticized bavaria’s social minister christine haderthauer. Hasselfeldt accused haderthauer of near blackmail and recommended a calm examination of the finances. "My style is not language that comes close to blackmail," said the chairwoman of the CSU’s parliamentary. Seehofer, on the other hand, said that haderthauer was right. "This has nothing to do with blackmail," seehofer told the dpa news agency. "There are still many unsolved problems with the supplementary pension."

Haderthauer had told the "rheinische post": "child rearing is the main cause of old-age poverty. Until something is done here, the CSU will not agree to the subsidized pension either."The mother’s betterment has "absolute priority for the CSU", seehofer said.

Haderthauer responded to comments by schauble in the "bild am sonntag" newspaper that he saw no scope in the 2013 budget for raising the pensions of mothers who had children before 1992. At its party conference last week, however, the CDU had only decided to make the legal arrangements for a gradual increase in pensions in 2013. There was no talk of an increase as early as next year.

Bohmer said that she had no understanding of the renovations of schauble. The party congress had the financial situation in mind. She is known and that is why a gradual increase has been agreed – starting in 2014. "We women can budget, too," said bohmer. A complete alignment of the pre-1992 age group with the younger ones would cost 14 billion euros a year. The women’s union does not want that either. Bohmer referred to chancellor angela merkel’s support at the party conference for mother’s pensions.

Schauble also cited the new aid cuts for greece as one reason for the lack of room for maneuver in 2013. Hasselfeldt said: "this connection (…) is not discernible for me." Undisputedly, the subject of mother’s pension has the highest priority. She went on to say: "I take note of the fact that the finance minister is pointing out the financial viability of the project." That was his task. "I think it is quite normal that now is being tested."Also for her pays what is financially possible. Haderthauer made in her way to the concern attentive. Hasselfeldt: "everyone has their own style."

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