Further training for school bus drivers ensures greater safety for children

Over 40 school bus drivers from across lichtenfels county gathered for a clarification meeting to learn about legal requirements.

The district office, which was represented by teresa weiser from the road traffic authority and jennifer horn, school transport officer, had invited school bus drivers to this legally required instruction at the start of the school year. However, there is close cooperation in this area between the district office and the municipalities with the district traffic watch, the police, for which michael lang was present as a speaker and the head of the police station altenkunstadt, peter schardt, as well as with the schools, which were represented by the specialist advisor for traffic and safety education at the state education authority, karl-heinz jager. Alfons hrubesch, chairman of the kreisverkehrswacht, was the evening’s moderator.

Michael lang, traffic officer at the lichtenfels police station, who spent ten years with the coburg traffic police in charge of controlling heavy goods traffic and bus traffic, was particularly concerned with the safe transportation of schoolchildren. Also in lichtenfels part of his activity is school bus control.

Not resting on laurels

Even long-time drivers had to undergo continuous training. If you feel too safe, if you get too routine, it’s easy for mistakes to creep in, lang stressed.

Bus drivers should regularly check the safety equipment in the bus, such as first-aid kits, fire extinguishers and emergency hammers, to ensure that they are in working order and fully functional, and check the technical condition of the vehicle before setting off.

In contrast to many trucks, which often turn out to be "rolling time bombs" during inspections, there are hardly any problems with the latter were proved.

He also asked the bus drivers to switch on their hazard lights in good time when their bus approaches the stop, because then there is a ban on overtaking for the following vehicles. A bus at a stop with its flashing lights on may only be overtaken at walking speed and only at such a distance that there is no danger to passengers.

Walking speed also applies in the opposite direction. These rules were not respected by many drivers, the expert from the police stated.

Often complaints from parents about the bus drivers were brought to the attention of the police, which turned out to be groundless. Parents were often told that the bus was overcrowded because they thought their child was entitled to a seat, but this was not the case. The police officer also mentioned an extreme case in which a mother complained about the bus driver because he had waited for the gritting service before driving down a slope in winter, causing her child to be ten minutes late for school.

Exemplary behavior

This bus driver had behaved in an exemplary manner, since according to the road traffic regulations he had to adapt his speed to the road, traffic, visibility and weather conditions, especially when he was chauffeuring children.

Since there were also some bus drivers who also worked as drivers in occasional transport outside of the school bus trips, he warned against certain violations with serious consequences. In order to save a second driver on long journeys, some drivers use an additional driver’s card in addition to their own.

In the event of an accident with injuries or even deaths, the driver then had to face serious consequences.

In conclusion, the speaker noted that the safety of the passengers, i.E. The schoolchildren, must have top priority.

Alfons hrubesch expressed his thanks for the motto "safe to school, safe to home" in order to achieve this goal in the long term, all areas of traffic safety had to work together, starting with raising children’s awareness in kindergarten and traffic education in schools, with the involvement of parents.

This continues with the involvement of the county traffic wardens, traffic cadets, school crossing guards, police and municipalities, and even school bus drivers. The fact that no accidents have occurred on the way to school in the protected area for many years shows that this is working very well in the district of lichtenfels, hrubesch emphasized.

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