Faith succeeds in community

Faith succeeds in community

Sunday walk

There are people who appeal to many others. They can talk well, they know the reality of my life, they can empathize well with me. So there are also congregations that can experience the service as a weekly festival. You see, worship does not mean the constant repetition of the same prayers and songs.

In such communities there is no boredom. Wherever people in our congregations experience worship as a celebration, they come to church with joy.

People are looking for the festival. So also in our church the service on sunday could be every time a feast of the erlosung.

Is our sunday service then a feast?

Some christians try to make the service look attractive by using gags. Sometimes I miss the inner depth and the knowledge of the community.

So should we write off christian worship and rather concentrate on professing our faith and on doing what we believe in?? On the other hand, many christians put their whole life into the preserved forms of the mass celebration.

Then the praise of god comes up almost by itself. Then the eucharist does not rush by, there is no preaching, there are people of faith who let themselves be given a gift for their lives. So man does not believe for himself alone, but always in the community of the church, this poor and suffering community. However, among these people I experience the christian faith as highly alive: in the peace grave I recognize the brother and sister of christ; they are loved by the resurrected christ just as I am myself. The confession of guilt at the beginning of the eucharistic celebration makes each one of us remember that he/she is a sinful human being: I need god’s forgiveness as much as my neighbor. Only in this way can I experience a celebration in the service. Then I can also break down encrustations; then I celebrate with them. When we dig into each other, when we stand together for a while after the service, when we join in prayer and singing, then for me the service becomes a celebration.

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