Energy transition has powerful force in habfurt

Energy transition has powerful force in habfurt

Although the habfurt municipal utility is not only a supplier of electricity, 75 percent of which is already generated from renewable energy sources for its tariff and commercial customers, it is also a supplier of energy from renewable sources. It also supplies natural gas, district heating and water, operates an old-town garage, an adventure pool and an ice rink, and is affiliated with schnell-im-netz gmbh" one provider for internet access.

The municipal utility is already involved in wind power and photovoltaic plants, the biogas plant in habfurt and combined heat and power (CHP), and already offers natural electricity at 100 percent from wind power. "We have more and more days on which we generate all our energy from renewable sources during the day", according to norbert zosch. "From 2014, all our tariff and commercial customers will be supplied with 100 percent energy from wind power, photovoltaics, the biogas plant and combined heat and power plants."

No need to change supplier
Thanks to a cooperation with greenpeace energy, customers can already obtain electricity that is 100 percent renewable without having to switch suppliers. In contrast to many other eco-electricity providers, the electricity supplied is generated directly in the region. The electricity comes from the bayerhof wind turbine and, when there is a lull in the wind, from the cogeneration plant at the leisure center in habfurt.

The citizens of burgenland can or could also participate in the generation of regenerative energy: by participating in the wind turbine in bayerhof or by making roofs available for photovoltaic systems.

Norbert zosch drew particular attention to two new projects: the "energy turnaround at home" and "power to gas. The municipal utility offers its customers the opportunity to equip their homes with photovoltaic systems and a micro-cogeneration plant with a stirling engine.

The municipal utility takes care of the purchase, installation, expansion and maintenance of the heating system, and the customer pays a heat price in return.

State-of-the-art project with model plant
The other project relates to the construction of a model plant in habfurt for the conversion of renewable electricity into gas and the use of existing natural gas infrastructure as a electricity storage via the intermediate product hydrogen or synthetic natural gas. "We work here with professor dr. Johannes paulus from schweinfurt university of applied sciences together.", says norbert zosch.

Currently, the application for a power-to-gas plant is with the julich research center. As a possible project sponsor, this test shows whether the project is innovative and therefore worthy of challenge.

With the subsidies then approved, it would also be possible in habfurt to feed the surplus electricity from the regional wind turbines around habfurt into the general power grid. In the first step, hydrogen is to be used in a combined heat and power plant, and in a second step, hydrogen is to be fed into the natural gas distribution network in increasing concentrations.

The visitors were very fascinated, congratulated the city on the innovative municipal utility and took away many ideas for their own communities.

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