Dutt “heib” on sammer-job – on wavelength with low

Dutt 'heib' on sammer-job - on wavelength with low

"Every day i got more and more excited about the job," explained the 47-year-old at his presentation at the headquarters of the german football association (dfb) in frankfurt am main. Dutt wants to step energetically into the rough shoes of ex-national player sammer, who surprisingly moved to munich as sports director at the beginning of the month. His main task will also be to supply joachim low with players for the senior national team as the association’s chief youth promoter. "We have discovered a wave-long," remarked the former bundesliga coach after an initial conversation with the DFB coach: "jogi has made a difference in the last few years."

Low also buried the dutt commitment, in which he had been involved from the very beginning, as DFB president wolfgang niersbach specially pointed out. "I’m glad that the DFB acted so quickly and so well and found such a competent solution," said low. He is looking forward to the cooperation. Team manager oliver bierhoff also pledged the "support" of the national team management to dutt.

In the initial phase of their collaboration after the 2006 world cup, however, sammer and low/bierhoff had been at loggerheads and there had also been "friction," as niersbach confirmed: "matthias is positively annoying, and the bavarians are perhaps already feeling it," the DFB boss explained with a smile. Dutt is to work "closely and in a spirit of trust" with low right from the start, as niersbach emphasized.

But dutt doesn’t want to be just a yes-man either. There will also be "controversial discussions," he announced. But first and foremost, he wants to devote himself to his main task, which is to call for young talent: "matthias (sammer) has made an incredible difference here. It won’t be easy to continue seamlessly," he said modestly.

Dutt begins his work on 1. August. His contract runs until 2016, he sees his commitment as a "long-term story. Before signing the contract with the DFB, his current contract with bayer leverkusen had to be terminated.

The association was looking for a "soccer coach with a license and experience," niersbach said of the job profile. Dutt paid to a "small circle of potential candidates" according to DFB secretary general helmut sandrock. The new sports director embodies a "brilliant symbiosis" of experience in the youth and professional sectors. Ex-national player stefan kuntz, the chairman of the executive board of the 1. FC kaiserslautern.

Dutt will be responsible for the same area as his predecessor sammer. This includes paying for the entire youth and talent development as well as optimizing coach training. The most concrete interface to low concerns the U 21 selection. Dutt, like his predecessor sammer, will also be given a seat on the DFB presidium.

The former freiburg coach wants to hold on to what has been preserved. "It can’t be my job to question any concepts," explained dutt. He wants to seek an "extensive exchange" with his predecessor sammer. Dutt is to continue sammers successful work, but also "bring in new impulses", niersbach explained.

Dutt was in contrast to sammer not a successful fubballer. In 2005, kolner, who was born in koln, passed his training as a fubball teacher as the best in his class. In coaching, he worked successfully at stuttgarter kickers and especially from 2007 to 2011 at SC freiburg. Dutt had to leave leverkusen after just nine months, but he still takes "an incredible amount of positive experience with him" from that time. At the DFB, dutt will also be measured by results in the future – the u17s, u19s and u21s were european champions during his time in office.

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