District administrator takes a stand on sectarian children in lonnerstadt

District administrator takes a stand on sectarian children in lonnerstadt

"The current media coverage has now put the children’s circumstances beyond the focus of the youth welfare office into the public eye. This has certainly not made the situation any easier for the children" says district administrator eberhard irlinger. This is the result of an official statement of the district administration of erlangen-hochstadt.

He adds that the youth welfare office must first of all ensure the protection of the personal rights of the children. "However, now that the children have been openly named and shown in the media coverage, it is necessary to clarify some facts. We consider this to be necessary for the protection of the children."

As "untrue district administrator eberhard irlinger describes the media accusations that the youth welfare office does nothing for the well-being of the children.

"There has long been close contact both with the children and with the family and social network, especially the schools. In this context, unannounced and announced visits to the family took and still take place regularly. Individual talks are also held with the children without their parents being present. We have also been in contact with the schools for a long time. All indications – of course also those of the parents – have always been and will always be followed up", emphasizes district administrator eberhard irlinger. "The children are in a normal state of development in terms of their physical and health situation, and their nutritional status is also completely normal", underlines irlinger.

The house that the municipality has put at the disposal of the family in lonnerstadt is in a simple but not at all dilapidated condition. During a recent unannounced visit to the house, the employees of the youth welfare office were again able to convince themselves that the condition of the children and the living conditions did not give rise to any complaints, the main living room was well heated.

Nevertheless, from the point of view of the youth welfare office, it was to be clarified to what extent there were dangers for the children from a psychosocial point of view. For this reason, at the suggestion of the youth welfare office, the competent family court ordered an independent forensic psychological expert opinion to be obtained in a family court proceeding as early as this summer. This is to clarify whether the chosen way of life and the way of education lead to a danger to the mental or spiritual well-being of the children concerned.

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