Crank in hockenheim: rast as champion to the finale

crank in hockenheim: rast as champion to the finale

As he crossed the finish line, rene rast was still unaware of his renewed title win.

The audi driver first had to be informed by radio that he had just secured his second coup in the german touring car masters after 2017 – in only his third DTM season. "I didn’t know it and had thought that nico was much closer to me," said rast after his third place on sunday at the nurburgring while still in the cockpit on tv station sat 1.

However, his closest rival, nico muller from switzerland, only finished sixth in the victory of british driver jamie green, and can now challenge rast before the final races at the hockenheimring on 5. And 6. October no longer ousted from first place in the overall standings.

Instead of an exciting showdown at the finale in baden-wurttemberg, rast switched to the spa mode with relief in the eifel region. "For sure we will let it rip. I think we have to extend the hotel rooms by one night."

Forgotten was the anger about the imperfect race, which brought the last podium place behind green and the dutchman robin frijns, after rast had already initiated a preliminary decision in the title fight with his victory the day before.

Rast was helped by the fact that competitor muller lost a better starting position on saturday with an early start and subsequent drive-through penalty. On sunday, the audi driver fluffed qualifying for his 100th race. DTM race. "The driver screwed up," said the 27-year-old about his mishap on saturday, and on sunday he was one of the first to congratulate his brand colleague. But the man from bern also loved to make a fighting statement for the last two races: "the new goal is clear: to beat the champion twice more."

Third-placed overall marco wittmann, DTM champion in 2014 and 2016, is also aiming for a podium finish at the finale. The further said goodbye to its theoretical championship chances after qualifying for the second race. "We have already seen in the last races that the train will probably leave without us. Now we’ll try to get the best out of the last few races and hope for a podium finish or a victory," says the BMW driver, who will also use the finale at the hockenheimring to take a cure.

Once again, DTM boss gerhard berger gave the new champion a knighthood: "this guy’s really got what it takes. He is the mab of all things. The former formula 1 driver himself was not happy about the early decision, he was hoping for an exciting final in hockenheim. "We don’t really like it, but the title is deserved," said berger. The austrian can look forward to a special cure at the hockenheimring. Then honda, lexus and nissan, three manufacturers from the japanese super GT series, which runs according to the same regulations as the DTM, will provide new glamour for the two races.

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