Comeback for four glittering pieces

Comeback for four glittering pieces

Coburg – when it comes to special requests from musicians in terms of technology, dressing room equipment or drinks, the organizers of the "night of contrasts" have a lot to offer experienced a lot. But a bugeleisen and a bugelbrett for the care of her stage outfits demanded so far only the quartett "sistergold".
What followed in the evening was not only a visually impeccable but also a musically fascinating performance that brought the audience in the pavilion of the kunstverein to storms of applause. "The best music I ever hoarded in our pavilion", swarmed a member of the art association in 2013. Some visitors "forgave smooth the other venues of the museum night, because they did not want to miss any of the quartet’s four other concerts.
By popular request and in keeping with the motto "strong women" the 11. Coburg museum night follows on 12. September at the same place the comeback: four studied musicians, four saxophone types, four times ladypower, lust for life, perfection and creative track for brilliant arrangements from the genres pop, jazz, soul and world music. And a lot of spab.
"Sistergold" presents his personal glamour and favorite pieces at the art association. The tageblatt spoke with kerstin rohn from "sistergold.

Sistergold? When and how did the name come about?
Kerstin rohn: we gave our first concert in 2009. We feel like "sisters in spirit" – sounds pompous, but it’s true: one for all, all for one.

There are more golden instruments – what is the special charm of a saxophone??
The attraction of the saxophone for us is the fact that we can play it, unlike the trumpet or trombone … (laughs) why do you fall in love? If you could answer that, some things would be easier! We love the sound of course and the fact that there is almost no music that could not be made to sound with this wonderful instrument.

What was the funniest situation at a concert??
A few days before a concert, our alto saxophonist elisabeth had torn a ligament, so we didn’t know if we would have to cancel the concert. But elisabeth is creative and tough: she gave the plaster a – of course – golden wrapping. With this glittering show cast we then played a unique concert, which certainly remained especially in the memory of the audience due to its special choreographies.

Your new concert program is entitled glanzstucke. What is a highlight for you?
As the name already says, it is a stucco, which is made to shine and naturally vice versa a music, with which sistergold liked to shine. The selection criterion is simple: first of all we like the music we present. Of course she has to play with sistergold and the "format saxophone quartet" fit. We are lucky to have and serve a wide musical taste: the spectrum ranges from jazz, pop music, selected classical and baroque compositions to klezmer and tango, often enriched with improvisations.

What makes sistergold unique?
It is the "balance": to drive, to be driven, to step back, to join the sound. And the most important thing: to listen to each other and still have fun even after the thousandth time. We are a good team: on stage, backstage and privately.

The questions were asked by martin rohm.

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