Beaten jewish professor accuses police of “lying”

Beaten jewish professor accuses police of 'lying'

The israeli university teacher from the U.S. Who was attacked by a german with palastinian roots in bonn on wednesday has made serious accusations against the police.

In a letter to the german press agency and other media, professor jitzchak jochanan melamed of the university of baltimore accused police of spreading "lies" about the incident.

Melamed was initially mistaken for the attacker by police, then overpowered and beaten. The police have also admitted this and apologized. However, she also wrote in her press release that the police officers involved had stated that melamed did not stop when they shouted and then fought back.

The 50-year-old philosophy professor strongly denies this: "I was not 100, but 500 percent passive," he told the newspapers of the funke media group. He said that the police officers immediately attacked him and that he could hardly breathe, let alone resist, afterwards. He had only shouted that he was the wrong one. The police had handcuffed his hands on his back and punched him in the face dozens of times. His face had subsequently bled.

He described it this way to the newspapers of the funke mediengruppe: "then they started punching me in the face. Danger 50, 60, 70 times – completely crazy! I was shocked. This is abhorrent police behavior, the kind you usually only find in a developing country."

Shortly after his handcuffs were taken off, one of the police officers told him: "don’t get into trouble with the german police!"("don’t mess with the german police"). He replied that the german police had murdered his grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt in 1942.

At the police station, the police officers had tried for one and a half hours to dissuade him from making a complaint. One of the officials, he said, told him he had been touched by his hand, and it was only in response that they took action against him. "I told him that was a bald-faced lie."There had been no prior physical contact between them. In the end, they had made it clear to him that if he complained about them, they would be forced to accuse him of having defied them.

The only reason the police chief came to see him afterwards was because he was a professor at an american university, melamed wrote: "if i was just an underdog in german society, no one would be interested (and certainly no one would believe the complaint)."

About the anti-semitic attack itself, he reported that the man had attacked him with the words "are you jewish??"And added that he was a palestinian. He had then expressed his sympathy for the palastinians. The man now shouted at him in english and insulted him. In the course of this, he knocked the kippa off his head three times, shouting that it was not permitted to wear it in germany. He also said he had pushed him. At least 20 minutes had passed before the police arrived.

Melamed told the newspapers of the funke mediengruppe: "you certainly have a problem with anti-semitism, but you also have a problem with brutal police violence." The behavior of the bonner police officers is currently being investigated by the polizeiprasidium koln.

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