Bad bruckenau: a murder brings light into the darkness

Bad bruckenau: a murder brings light into the darkness

A world premiere is something you don’t see every day in bad bruckenau. With the "white crystal" stage play from the pen of secondary school student maren statt, the theater group presented "spectacular" an entertaining thriller full of errors and tangles. With spectacular twists and turns and, despite the criminalistic theme, also with a good portion of humor.

The up-and-coming author herself took part in the play, and it seemed as if she had secretly wanted to stretch the thematic arc in the background extremely far with her fast-paced work. The story really picks up with the murder of the waitress bella, who, amidst all the bills, reminders and orders, gets on the trail of a drug deal. Bella accidentally falls into trouble, because her sense of direction ultimately leads to her paying for her discoveries with her life. Bella is silenced. But her body is found by the dead colleagues, who at this moment have no idea where their journey will take them.

Because the new york diner is only a restaurant at first glance. Criminal activities take place in secret. Little of this initially comes to light. But: the waitresses sue, ava and maddi give everything to solve the murder of their colleague bella. In any case, no one believes in a possible suicide, as documented by the police in their files. But the investigation brings new dangers, the friends get lost in a maze of corruption, drug deals, cartels and intrigues.

But criminality is by no means an end in itself of this story, in order to build up suspense. The young author also succeeds brilliantly in pointing out the causes and motives for criminal careers in a very unobtrusive and subtle way. Maren statt illuminates problems of familiar structures, makes clear how passionately young people wish for a good future, and delicately sketches how one can then quite unexpectedly and quickly end up on the wrong track. This is how policewomen become accomplices, young girls become drug dealers, and daughters become the successors of big crime bosses.

Criticism of social structures

"Crystal white" does not spare subliminal criticism of social structures. Young people work tirelessly to support their families in some way. Stand-up overtime is also a serious problem in the new york diner, and the dream of education and social advancement sometimes turns out to be quite a ruthless one in the criminal milieu. It is an extremely mature, thoughtful piece, even if one may laugh heartily in between. The fact that maren uses modern language instead of well-considered and hardly leaves anything out in terms of crime makes the stage play extremely entertaining.

The "spectacular" theater group the state secondary school in bad bruckenau, consisting of 18 girls and two boys from grades 7 to 10, had a few months of "white crystal" rehearsed, among other things, at a joint workshop at the volkersberg. The strong team spirit of the young group was evident at all times. In the event of minor breakdowns and nervousness, they helped each other back on track.

The well-filled auditorium on friday evening was in itself a reward for the mooing. The applause was correspondingly euphoric. The young actors were beaming with relief and happiness at the end of the story. The excitement was finally gone with the last curtain call. The criminals have been put in handcuffs. The story had taken an unexpected turn. Even if the young author maren statt now leaves the bad bruckenau secondary school: hopefully "crystal white" will remain not her last stage play.

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