Away from the club image

Away from the club image

He has offices in hofheim as well as in habfurt. But andreas hartung will probably spend the least of his two-part working time in the pastor's office or in the regional office for church youth work (KJA). The 35-year-old's goal is "to transform the church from the association it has often become back into a community of faith that lives what jesus exemplified and doesn't rest on its laurels until nothing works anymore." And this does not only happen from the desk.
This is probably achieved mainly through direct contact with the people. For the past week and a half, andreas hartung has been responsible for 50 percent of the deanery's youth ministry in the deanery of habberge. The other half of his time will be spent as a parochial vicar in hofheim, where he will be officially inducted next sunday.

Valuable assistance

"We live in 2017 and as a church we have a message that can be a valuable help for people in their lives", emphasizes the hobby cook from rechtenbach near lohr. For him, this message must reach people "in such a way that they understand it, and they must experience that it adds value to their lives."
Hartung, who was ordained a priest in wurzburg in 2014 and most recently served as chaplain in the parish community of kirchschonbach-stadelschwarzach-wiesentheid, is aware that many tasks await him in both functions. In the parish, this includes all the tasks of worship. He also has a lot of work to do in the field of pastoral care, which in his experience includes "many personal talks, visits to the sick, anointing of the sick and confessions he will take care of it in the future. Together with the confirmation team, he is also responsible for preparing young people for the sacrament of confirmation, and for the parish of gobmansdorf he is a member of the church administration. "Whatever comes along, it's all unplannable".

Focus on youth

But what is particularly important to the 35-year-old is the "contact with young people in the parish". This is primarily through the altar boy work, for which he will be responsible from october together with the new pastor manuel vetter. He will have plenty of contact with young people and the young at heart in his function as youth chaplain, which is new territory for him. Among other things, hartung wants to offer special church services "that meet both the language and thematic world of young people.
Church youth work should offer "complementary services" make it possible for young people to find something they don't have in the parish", he says. All in all, the trained carpenter, who only nine years ago became a "spatberufener," holds a very special place in his life his priestly formation on the 3. The deanery's youth work is important because it can accompany and train the youth groups in the parishes."
Through regularly offered group leader trainings, for example, girls and boys can learn a lot for their work with the groups, but also for their further life."
Andreas hartung still has a lot of work ahead of him. He has already formed his own opinion on the state of the church. "The church", he makes positive changes clear "has already learned in some areas and places to change from an association that has passed its heyday to a community of faith again. This, I believe, is and will continue to be in the church's homework booklet."
Nevertheless there is still a lot to do. She has to "learn, whether in the parish or in youth work "not to ride every horse to death with sovereign stubbornness, but to get off first and see how it continues on a new path." There is still "often a lack of courage to move away from the old". 

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