Auditorium transformed into a christmas market

auditorium transformed into a christmas market

One sales booth follows the other, a luminous christmas tree spreads an atmospheric ambience and the school bistro smells seductive. For one afternoon, the decorated auditorium of the middle school resembled a christmas market. Many visitors looked around, made purchases and socialized in a relaxed atmosphere, thus rewarding the efforts of the schoolchildren and teachers.

Home economics students in seventh through tenth grades spared no effort to help the "market strollers to be able to offer something. "The young people were really busy. They cooked, baked and were creative with their hands", praised home economics teacher waltraud fischer. The offer was impressive. The assortment of suben delicacies alone was huge. The palette ranged from macaroons, almond slivers, vanilla crescents and chocolate crossies to christmas stollen, placemats and gingerbread. And so that the goods also look good, everything was wrapped in gift foil. Roasted almonds were offered by the pupils of class 9b. The 9 ag enriched the advent bazaar with beautiful woodwork, including angels, stars, and fir trees in various rough sizes.

The school bistro exerted a magical attraction. Furnished in an original way and decorated with candles and fir branches for christmas, it was a popular meeting point. Until the evening there was a constant coming and going. And what happens to the proceeds of the action? "We do not know exactly yet. But a large proportion is used for a good cause in any case", said waltraud fischer. Rector manfred heinbuch was impressed by "his" commitment schoolchildren and their teachers are thrilled: "you've really done a great job." 

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