Alleged eyewitness: bin laden killed himself

Alleged eyewitness: bin laden killed himself

The al-qaeda chief was not killed by U.S. Soldiers last may, but had already been found dead with a bullet in his head, according to the internet portal "huffington post" in the book of a former member of the U.S. Special forces navy seals, who, according to his own statements, was present during the commando operation in abbottabad, pakistan.

According to the weiben haus, bin laden had "resisted" the storming of his house and was then killed by U.S. Soldiers with shots to the chest and head. The author of the book, which is to be published in early september, describes the events differently. "Blood and brain matter flowed from the side of his skull" when they discovered bin laden, the book "no easy day: the firsthand account of the mission that killed osama bin laden" says, according to the huffington post.

Bin laden still squirmed, but there was no talk of resistance. When they reached his room, two women had bent over his body, crying. Other soldiers in the elite unit had their guns pointed at his chest and printed several times. "The bullets tore him apart, hammering his body to the ground until he was motionless," the portal continues quoting from the work. I have received it in advance from a bookseller.

According to the fox news channel, the author is 36-year-old matt bissonnette from alaska, who wrote his tell-all book under the pseudonym mark owen. U.S. Media reported that the pentagon was surprised by the publication.

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