After many thefts in custody

Plainclothes officers of the coburg operational supplementary services apprehended professional shoplifters on tuesday afternoon. The 30-year-old man and his 29-year-old female companion had numerous items of clothing with them, which may have originated from various thefts, as the police prasidium oberfranken and the public prosecutor’s office coburg announced in a joint press release. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the 30-year-old was issued with a warrant for commercial theft on wednesday afternoon.
At around 5 p.M., the vehicle with the two two russian nationals came into the sights of the civilian investigators in lichtenfels. During the check, the police discovered numerous items of clothing and alcoholic beverages in the vehicle. The two were unable to produce evidence that they had purchased the goods.

Stolen goods for 10000 euros

Initial checks revealed that the clothing came from various fashion stores in the region. Further investigations by the coburg criminal police revealed evidence of an apartment rented by the two in neighboring thuringia. The investigators found further stolen goods worth around 10,000 euros and seized them.
The 30-year-old, who has a criminal record for various property crimes, is now in a correctional facility. The 29-year-old also faces criminal charges. The coburg criminal investigation department has taken over the further investigation.

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