After four generations: the “golden lowe” in gaibach closes down

After four generations: the 'golden lowe' in gaibach closes down

The "golden lowe" has been in business for 117 years family-owned in gaibach. On 19. December of this year, owner albin lorey and his life partner beate herbig celebrated their last day of work at the inn. Her decision to close down the traditional company in the fourth generation is based on a number of factors: age, staff shortages, and the increasing bureaucracy for small businesses. The corona pandemic didn’t play a role in this, the two passionate innkeepers tell this editorial team.

With food "to go in the past weeks, albin lorey and beate herbig have overcome the terrible effects of the corona crisis. "People were very supportive", they pay and are grateful to their customers for their support. Even in the over-the-counter business, chef albin has put all his passion into his dishes. The 65-year-old actually learned two other professions: as a technical draftsman and as a mechanical engineering technician.

The cook has a history

In 1980, the gaibach native joined the restaurant, farm and winery of his parents luise and franz lorey, first as a waiter and apprentice winemaker, later as a chef. After eight years, he took over the business in the center of gaibach on his own initiative. Since that time he lives together with beate and is supported by her by all rules of art.

Serving people is in the blood of the 59-year-old master of housekeeping. The upper franconian-born beekeeper’s main occupation for the past 34 years has been as the business manager at the franken-landschulheim schloss gaibach. While during the week she makes sure that the schoolchildren and teachers do not go hungry, on weekends she takes care of the guests in the neighboring inn, while her partner in life in the "lowen"-kuche prepared asparagus, game and many other dishes. "A seven-day week is quite normal for me", describes beate. She is a sociable type, while albin is more the calming influence in the living community. "I speak my mind when something doesn’t suit me", says beate and albin lachelt.

This combination has the "lowen-guesthouse has done well over the past 32 years. Both are proud of their ancestors, whose portraits on the wall above the table watch the action in front of the bar. In 1903 ursulina and michael friedrich had the "golden lowen bought. Albin’s great-grandparents continued to expand it and handed it over to their son oskar in 1924. He successfully ran the inn together with his wife emilie for 25 years. In 1949 her daughter luise and husband franz stepped into her shoes. Together with their six children they continued to write the success story of the inn.

Weingartle becomes a center of attraction

In 1988, albin, who has remained single to this day and has no children, took over the inn with the guestrooms. He renovated the house and in 2002 built the outdoor wine garden, a popular attraction for visitors in good weather. 17 years ago the innkeepers celebrated the centenary of family ownership and 30 years of winegrowing together with the local population.

From next year onwards, it will be a thing of the past that kirchweih is celebrated in the restaurant, or that albin plays a little tune on his trumpet. Her farewell in the middle of december takes place with a laughing rather than a crying eye. "We’re going back to zero for the time being," says, he tells.

Once albin and beate have recovered, everything is possible and conceivable again. Hedge economy at certain times, wedding celebrations or wine tastings with albin’s own wines? All of this is conceivable again, because albin and beate love to spend time with other people and like to spoil them by every trick in the book. Until that time, the owners of vouchers of the inn still have the opportunity to redeem them with albin and beate either in the inn or in the winery.

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