A pre-christmas eye-catcher

A pre-Christmas eye-catcher

The upcoming christmas season was also included in the celebrations to mark the 1100th anniversary of the winegrowing community of nordheim. At the suggestion of hannelore kram and matthias schafer, a "wine island christmas tree" was created the nordheim tourism council created a "big exclamation mark" at the end of the jubilee year with metal would like to set. Since thursday of this week, hardly anyone doubts that this will succeed.

A 5.40-meter-high metal tree with a diameter of 3.70 meters was erected in the nordheimer fahrgarten near the mainfahre under the guidance of burgermeister guido braun ("this will be a real eye-catcher"). The special thing about the christmas tree is the decoration and the equipment: not christmas balls, no, 1100 0.25 liter mini bocksbeutel decorate the tree in the future, which will provide an imposing view in the dark by a ground illumination.

"I have never seen a tree like this with this kind of equipment", emphasized mayor braun, who together with son nico was responsible for the metal work of the tree in his company. The community leader once again praised the community spirit of the nordheim tourism council, which also came to the fore in the implementation of the pre-christmas idea. "It was crazy, all it took was one phone call and there were ten men on the stand". The planning of the project was in the capable hands of dietmar rohmfeld, mayor braun finally signed for the realization of the first "wine island christmas tree" with estimated costs of about 7000 euros responsible.

According to braun, a total of 900 kilograms of steel were processed and around 300 volunteer hours were worked. One of the focal points of the work is drilling holes in the 1,100 mini bocksbeutel bags, which are necessary to hold the customary decorations in place.

"Anyone can build trees", the head of the municipality emphasizes, but we wanted to set a sign for the next years in the course of the 1100 year celebrations. Otherwise, the new "nordheimer sightseeing" will be will enrich the nordheim christmas village not only in the jubilee year 2018 but also in the following years. As mentioned: the wine island christmas tree will be officially put into operation on friday, 23. November from 5 pm. Food and beverages will be provided, the organizer says.

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